Tweet Break: Elliott’s Debut, Romo’s Scare, and Dez Bryant Draw Spotlight in Seattle

Last night, the Dallas Cowboys “dress rehearsal” preseason game in Seattle left Cowboys Nation with plenty of positive – and negative – takeaways. As always, these takes were shared all over the great world of Twitter.

Even Dez Bryant himself, who was inactive with a concussion suffered earlier in the week, joined in on the Twitter conversation for this game.

Let’s take a look at some of the best tweets surrounding America’s Team and their trip up to Seattle!


This Zeke guy is pretty good, right?

By far the biggest national headline for this game was the much-anticipated debut of Ezekiel Elliott – the running back taken with the fourth overall pick in the 2016 Draft by the Cowboys.

Elliott finally showed us how he plans on living up to the high expectations set for him ever since that draft selection, rushing for 48 yards on just 7 carries.

Running against the Seahawks “Legion of Boom” defense, it was clear from the start that Elliott was embracing the challenge of matching the defense’s intensity on every play.

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RJ Ochoa on Twitter

Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott, two dudes who were in college last year, just went 81 yards on the Seattle Seahawks starting D for a TD.

That’s Our Quarterback

While Zeke’s debut in the silver and blue had us jumping up and down early, Cowboys Nation was quickly quieted when Tony Romo went down on his first series. I was not watching this game live, but as soon as I heard about a Romo injury I texted our Staff Writer RJ Ochoa practically begging him to tell me that everything was fine with my our quarterback.

Fortunately, it looks like things will be just fine for #9, but the moment was a tense one for sure.

Marcus Mosher on Twitter

Even if Romo’s back is just sore, 17 days until kickoff should help. That was a pretty scary hit last night. Season flashed before my eyes.

Vander-Fresh on Twitter

Elliott was super upset that Romo got hurt. I think he thought it was on him, but it wasn’t. He made a great block.

While it was certainly justified to think about the 2016 season already coming to a close with Romo down in pain on the field, Dak Prescott continued to show a remarkable mix of poise and talent that fourth round rookies just aren’t supposed to have.

Bleacher Report on Twitter

When Cowboys fans watch Tony Romo go down but Dak Prescott continues to put in work

Dak Prescott completed 17 more passes, throwing a beautiful touchdown strike to Jason Witten, all while making us feel just a tad better about surviving a Tony Romo injury scare.

David Helman on Twitter

Dak Prescott just played basically an entire half against Seattle’s 1’s & moved the ball/played them to a 10-10 tie. This dude …

Dez Bryant the sideline reporter

Rounding out our look at the Cowboys’ new age triplets here on Tweet Break, Dez Bryant found a way to make an impact on this game from the sidelines. The star WR took to Twitter to offer everything from personal injury updates to Cowboys’ play-by-play analysis.

Dez Bryant on Twitter

I’m so ready for the GAME!!! #DallasCowboysworld

Dez Bryant on Twitter

Damn Zeke!!!!!


Dez Bryant on Twitter

DAMN 82!!!!

Catching my eye in particular was another tweet from Bryant targeted towards Morris Claiborne. The two teammates have had an incredibly competitive training camp together, both pushing one another to be great this season.

Dez Bryant on Twitter

I need my 20 push ups tomorrow 24… Two picks I know you could have had… #Cowboysworld

Ultimately, Dez Bryant makes the Dallas Cowboys so much better, and the New York Giants are going to learn that on September 11th.


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