Tyler Clutts or Ryan Williams, does Dallas need a FB?

Now that week 1 is in the books, veteran salaries are not guaranteed. There are bound to be some moves around the NFL – Champ Bailey I’m sure being one – but what moves might the Cowboys make?

The one move I want to see, and this feeling has stayed with me since the day of final cuts, is the elevation to the 53-man roster of Ryan Williams.

On this site we’ve already looked at the positives to come out of Sunday’s game and the biggest was probably the running game. The offensive line looked strong, pushing around the 49ers front and allowing some big gains for DeMarco Murray on the ground. What I have noted is the play count of Tyler Clutts, the fullback selected to the 53 man roster. Clutts didn’t see the field and yet Murray ran to the tune of over 100 yards.

Does Murray need or want a fullback, or is it Jason Garrett forcing that on this team?

Murray ran well but you have to worry about his injury history. He will need spelling if he carries the ball 20+ times a game. Dunbar looked spritely early on but how many times will he be handed the ball? Maybe half a dozen? Ryan Williams runs with the same power as Murray and the offense wouldn’t miss a beat.

Dallas should return to a power running team with that play-action threat. That could help this defense that we all worry so much about…..even if the signs are much more positive overall than the first drive would have signified.

Bringing Ryan Williams to the active roster would be evidence of that.

What do you think?


Written by Ben McKeith

Dallas Cowboy fan born and bred in the UK. Been following the Cowboys since I was 5.


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