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Unsung Hero From Cowboys Big Win In Pittsburgh

The are 8-1 and everything is amazing.

Well, maybe not everything, but just about everything in the football world is, at least.

Yesterday, the Cowboys traveled to Heinz Field in Pittsburgh, a city they haven't won a game in since 1997 and pulled it out in dramatic fashion. And when I say dramatic, I mean dramatic.

Lead change after lead change, three scores in the final two minutes of the game, and an touchdown run when it looked like the Cowboys were simply setting up a field goal. Yeah, it was awesome.

As the Cowboys continue to roll onto their 8th straight win, three components of the team receive the most praise: the , the , and the . This praise is all well deserved. The offensive line is the best in all of football, Ezekiel Elliott looks like he might be the best running back in the league, and is playing better than anyone could have anticipated.

One player in particular stood out to me during yesterday's win, however, and it sort of goes against all of the conventional Cowboys praise.

That player is defensive end DeMarcus Lawrence.

Yes, Zeke had the game of his life and Dak continued to make every big throw, but Lawrence showed up Sunday in a way we haven't seen him show up throughout his career. Oh, and staff writer Brian Martin predicted this just a few days ago.

The second half of the 2015 season was brutal for Dallas in the win column, but was fantastic for Lawrence in the sack column. After finishing the year with 7 in 8 games, D-Law seemed poised to takeover as the Cowboys leading pass rusher this season.

After serving a four game to start the , Lawrence seems to have finally hit his stride, and played his best football in the win over Pittsburgh. Lawrence finished Sunday's game with 4 tackles, 1 -for-loss, 1 forced fumble, and a sack.

Yes, a sack! Something we haven't seen out of Lawrence yet this year.

On the forced fumble, Lawrence comes all the way across the field to rock , forcing him to drop the ball and give Bryon Jones a chance to recover it. Lawrence shows an excellent motor on this play, tracking the play from the backside and working his way down the line of scrimmage.

On his tackle for loss, Lawrence refuses to be fooled by the Steelers' trickery. He works his way up the field, beats the offensive lineman who was sent to lead block for , and lights up Brown in the backfield. This is an excellent play from Lawrence, and one I hope to see more of from him in the future.

Last but not least, let's enjoy Lawrence's first sack of 2016 one more time. First, D-Law beats Marcus Gilbert around the with a solid speed rush. Then, as the pressure starts to get into 's face leaving him unable to step up in the pocket, Lawrence comes from behind and gets the sack.

The will rightfully receive all of the credit for this week's win. They deserve it, believe me, but we should also take a moment to realize how good was yesterday. Hopefully, he will be able to harness this performance and put on a show next Sunday as well.

Kevin Brady
Kevin Brady
Die-hard Cowboys fan from the Northeast, so you know I am here to defend the 'boys whenever necessary. Began writing for a WordPress Cowboys Blog, and have been with ITS since 2016.

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