The is very good. , the highly coveted prospect out of Ohio State, is very good.

Combine these two things together scientifically, and it doesn't take a notebook full of equations to figure out that the Cowboys drafting Zeke could lead to a dominant ground game in 2016.

In the above, 's Sport Science breaks down Elliott in his college zone-blocking scheme to show how dominant he was. The amazing metrics only further prove what scouts have been saying about the prospect for a long time now, in that he hits the hole quickly and will always be a threat to take the ball to the end zone.

Fans of the Dallas Cowboys should be particularly excited about what was shown in this video, because a similar offensive system is in place under . As you watch Elliott patiently wait for a running lane to develop before finding and bursting through it, picture him doing that behind , , , and the entirety of this Dallas line.

The Cowboys have already brought in a back that fits their scheme this off season by stealing former Washington Redskin Alfred Morris. To see how he could resurrect his career in Dallas, check out this film room segment I did on him.

While the addition of Morris is certainly exciting, Ezekiel Elliott could be well on his way towards wearing a star for his career. Should his name get called on Thursday night by the Cowboys, come back here to watch this video.

Then try to hold back your smile as the Cowboys inch closer to , with Ezekiel Elliott in the backfield.

You can also check out our detailed for Elliott here on Inside :


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M shepard

Please take Elliot he makes the whole team better