's affinity for the golf course is something that we are all well aware of.

‘Ol Number Nine enjoys himself a round out on the links, and he enjoys surrounding himself with company that likes to do so as well.

Cowboys Headlines - [VIDEO] Tony Romo In New Jordan Spieth Commercial

Romo has been buddies with another Dallas Hero for quite some time, 2015 Masters and U.S. Open Champion Jordan Spieth. The two have played a whole heck of a lot of golf together over their friendship, and Spieth has even frequented a Cowboys game or two.

Tony is getting ready for and such, but Jordan has a lot on his plate right now. Spieth is currently in the middle of defending his 2015 Masters Championship, but he's also putting out a new commercial.

The commercial is for the title sponsor of Tony Romo's place of work – AT&T. Spieth has been by them for most of his tenure as one of golf's signature faces. Jordan's parents make an appearance and that's fine and dandy, but midway through the spot Tony Romo shows up with a classic joke.


Romo and Spieth are turning into quite the twosome. This is probably a result of the city of Dallas is a common denominator for them, or maybe it's Jordan's affinity for the Cowboys and Romo's enjoyment of golf.

I think there's a subliminal element involved here for Romo, though.

We all have a “doppelganger” in this life. There's someone out there who looks exactly like us. Jordan Spieth? Well he looks exactly like a great friend of Tony's.

Cowboys Headlines - [VIDEO] Tony Romo In New Jordan Spieth Commercial 1

That's right… Jordan Spieth and are practically twins!

This makes the transition for Romo easier as he moves on from bestie to bestie, we're all about making his life easier right?

In all seriousness it's always great to see Tony Romo's humor on display. He's widely regarded as a hilarious person and he's really been letting the outside world in on that over the last year.

The commercial will undoubtedly get a lot of air time during The Masters this week. Tony Romo will be out there for the whole golf world to see.

The Cowboys world will be waiting anxiously.

What do you think of Romo in Spieth's commercial? Let us know! Comment below, Email me at RJ@RJOchoaShow.com, or Tweet to me at @rjochoa!


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Jess Haynie

You do a commercial with Tony Romo, then you suffer an epic collapse on the back nine of your final round at the Masters.

Life is funny sometimes, huh?

Jess Haynie

He fell apart on the "back 9", RJ.