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Voice of the Nation 5/24: Dez Bryant, Miles Austin, Safeties, and Predictions

OTA's are well underway and you start to wonder what will be made of the big headlines.  From to to , there are still many questions.  Yet, somehow, we still feel confident enough to label this Cowboys team as “Super.”  Is that right? Can we deem them so successful when there is so much haze?

Well fear no more… I am here to help you understand some of the questions you've asked and some that you want to ask.

Ed Folker asked “Will The Cowboys for or Make a Deal for a Seasoned ?? Pref. The guy from The Rams!”

Ed, that's a good question and a popular one at that.  It is very unlikely that the Cowboys even consider this option.  and Mike Hamlin have shown good potential and have grown considerable as professionals.  On the other side, if Sensabaugh decides to do something shocking, I still like what Akwasi brings.  Though they are all raw, it's better then spending a large sum of money on a new contract for someone like Otagwe.

Now, my isn't law or concrete.  There are some smaller name safeties out there that the cowboys could look at.  I also like the undrafted rookie.

I think Jerry is looking in house though.

Brent Cochran — “If Wade doesn't make the will JJ give him the AX!?”

I personally don't think so.  Mostly because next year is so uncertain, the search would be very difficult.  However, many refer to as the coach of the future, and he very well could be.  If Wade has a horrible season and by horrible I mean less then .500, than Jerry will consider the “Axe” but like I said this is the class of the , if they go worse than .500 then there are bigger problems.

Chris Synnott — “Will the cowboys put dez in the slot because I think it would create tough match up problems for defenses? “

Although I see where you're seeing the mismatches, I believe Dez Bryant offers something even better.  Dez Bryant is surely a number 2 potential receiver TODAY and a number 1 in a few years.  This means that you can move Roy to 1 Dez to 2 and put Miles in the slot at times to create some very big mismatches.

Don't confuse what I'm saying though; Miles is the number 1 receiver.  I am merely talking about shotgun and singleback sets where a is used.  This would make things pretty interesting.

DCN—What will the Cowboys Do about Sensabaugh and Austin?

Expect Sensabaugh to get a deal first, I don't say that because he deserves on but because he is the most willing to test .  However, because of Sensabaughs eagerness he wont get the deal he probably deserves.  His pay will define mediocrity but will be more then the 1 year deal he doesn't want.

On the other hand, Austin, if he can remain humble and patient, will receive a 5-7 year deal from the well paying .  All he needs to do is have 2 solid games.  Im not talking 150 yard games, I'm talking maybe 70-100 yards with 1+ Td's.  Not very hard, by week 7 Austin is locked up.

DCN—When will Dez supplant Roy?

Don't get too excited, Roy will be number 2 at the beginning of the season.  If he can prove that he's ready to finally play, then he'll stay there.  Now Jerry didn't move up for no reason so expect Dez to get his share, if he performs well, you'll see Roy see decreased snaps.

DCN—How will the Cowboys do this year?

In the next week ill do a season prediction (last year I was only off 1 game, so I pretty much rock) but believe me when I say the Cowboys will win the East this year.

DCN—Can we expect a ?

I don't think we can expect anything.  Expect them to contend, ill let you know when I feel that they are “Super” quality though.

Bo Martin
Bo Martin
Former Sports Writer. Veteran. Serving veterans is my passion. Johns Hopkins Student. Enjoy Discussing Politics and sports!

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