Voice of the Nation: Ranking the Top 5 All-Time Dallas Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys Nation is a site dedicated to the fans. We care what you think and we want to you to have a platform to voice what you have to say. This installment of “Voice of the Nation” asks who fans view as the top-5 current Dallas Cowboys.

Here are their responses:


Kyle Dubose (Twitter: @KDuBy21)

5. Randy “The Manster” White

This beast missed only 1 game in his 14 year career and is a 9 time Pro Bowler. White is the only DT to be named Super Bowl MVP.  1,104 Tackles and 52 sacks sums up his lock at #5.

4. Emmitt Smith

I am sure most will squawk at my ranking of Smith being too low. This Cowboy holds NFL records in rushing yards over a career, Rushing TDs in a career, and most 100yd games. To add to the already impressive resume, tack on 8 Pro Bowls, 4 time rushing champ and a 3 time Super Bowl Champion with a Super Bowl MVP to be the cherry on top. My reason for docking him two spots, is that he left Cowboy Nation to be a Cardinal. Emmitt will always be THE Cowboy running back.

3. Troy Aikman

My biased love growing up with this Cowboy urges me to put him higher, but we are being real here so his spot is at #3. Aikman finished top 2 in Completion % 5 times and is widely regarded as one of, if not the most accurate passer in NFL history of all time. Aikman’s class on and off the field epitomizes why Dallas is America’s Team.

2. Bob Lilly

“Mr. Cowboy” should be enough to seal the deal, but this True Blue player was so much more than a nickname. This first ever draft pick by Dallas was an 11 time Pro Bowler, 94.5 sacks and the first inductee into the Ring of Honor. Lily should almost have his bust on every Cowboy souvenir.

1. Roger Staubach

“The Greatest Cowboy” doesn’t even say enough to what this man meant to Cowboy Nation. Staubach was the first player ever to win the Heisman and Super Bowl MVP. He appeared in 6 Pro Bowls and threw for 22,700 Yds, 153 Passing TDs, 2,264 rushing Yds, and 21 Rushing TDs. Staubach managed to achieve all of these accolades after serving a full term in the US Navy part of which was in Vietnam. If this players career on and off the field doesn’t represent America and its team in your eyes; then I suggest you reevaluate your view on America and her true pastime Football.


Jarded Bodkin (Twitter: @JaredBodkin)

5. Tom Landry

A lot of people won’t like this vote because he is not a player which is why I put him at number 5. You can’t very well make a list of the best Cowboys while leaving this man off. Name the all-time greatest coaches and try to leave his name off . . . you can’t do it. He’s in.

4. Jason Witten

Jason Witten is the true example of a work horse. He is the best TE in Cowboys history and will be in the Hall of Fame and go down as one of the best and most prolific TE that ever played this game. It’s his unfortunate luck that throughout his career the best of all time, Tony Gonzales, also played. So Witten makes my list based upon not only being one of the best but also because of his fantastic statistics. He holds the Cowboys record for both career receptions and most receptions in a single game while holding multiple NFL records as well. Not to mention the kind of example he is as a person.

3. Bob Lilly

You can’t be called Mr. Cowboy and not make this list. The first player ever drafted by the Cowboys who went on to be ROY and made 10 consecutive Pro Bowls. An integral part of a defense that won Super Bowl VI and was an Iron Man playing in 196 straight games.

2. Deion Sanders

This one is tricky because Deion is tied to the Falcons and the 49ers (I don’t count his time with the Redskins or Ravens) but he was here for a Super Bowl victory so he’s in as he would be in on my list if it were for either of those teams as well. Deion shut his side of the field down like very few in history and not only was he the best CB in any given year of his career he is considered by many to be the very best of all time. Again, if you dominate your era or are considered to be one of the best of all time you have to make this list and he has both going for him.

1. Emmitt Smith

While you can make an argument that Barry Sanders was as good if not better and was on a team with less talent at the end of the day Smith holds the record and you can’t deny the all-time leading rusher. There is only one.

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