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WATCH: Former Cowboys DL Marcus Spears Tells A Great Larry Allen Story

Larry Allen is a legend.

The former Dallas Cowboys offensive lineman has gained more and more notoriety in recent years, as a new generation of fans have been introduced to his incredible highlights.

It’s often difficult for fans to pick out which offensive linemen are playing well, but Allen made his dominance clear as day. Especially when run blocking.

Former Cowboys defensive lineman and current ESPN analyst Marcus Spears joined Chris Long on his Green Light Podcast, and gave a great story about Larry Allen. Spears said that in one of his first padded practices, he was tasked with taking on a Larry Allen/Flozell Adams double team.

And it didn’t go well for Spears.

Afterwards, Spears says he told then head coach coach Bill Parcells that if that’s how Sundays are going to go, he “can’t play in this league.” Of course, Spears went on to have a nice career in Dallas, learning that not every NFL offensive lineman looks and plays like the great Larry Allen.

You can watch and listen to the entirety of Chris Long’s podcast with Spears using the link above.

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Kevin Brady

Written by Kevin Brady

Die-hard Cowboys fan from the Northeast, so you know I am here to defend the 'boys whenever necessary. Began writing for a WordPress Cowboys Blog, and have been with ITS since 2016.


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  1. Google the Justin Tuck Larry Allen train whistle story. Tuck played D line for Giants and he said if he made stop like five yards passed the LOS, it was a win against Larry. Funny as hell, check it out. Not too many Larry Allens that come along, one of the top all time BEST guards. We got real lucky when we drafted him. Emmit Smith got to run behind him. All time most yards for RB. Those were the good SUPER BOWL winning days.

  2. So I will never forgot as a very young football fan at the time so I do not remember the specific date or game but I am pretty sure it was one of the legendary cowboys vs 49ers playoff games and someone on the vaunted cowboys O-line got hurt and in comes this massive mountain of a looking OL man. After a certain amount of time of course that day I remember thinking this dude is a bum. He was overmatched on each play and I am pretty sure it was his first or one of his first snaps of game action at the pro level. So again I was 6 or 7 years Old and I am pretty sure I remember telling everyone that would listen how bad this massive OL man was. The following week against the next NFL defensive lineman I see this huge #73 line up to start the game and I remember telling my dad or yelling at my dad, “hey dad check out this massive BUM OL man”! My dad being a charger fan and cowboys #1 hater he gladly took a chance to see this BUM playing for the cowboys! To make the rest of the story short and sweet and The only sweet thing ever to be associated with L.A. on football field again!! #73 that day was absolutely dominant and nasty and like I was watching a bulldozer clearing the way for #22! It was the biggest holes I had ever seen cleared for a RB at the NFL level! In one week I saw a complete change in a player and I don’t think Larry Allen ever came off the field for a cowboys OL group! And I went into Sunday’s making sure to pay attention to Offensive line play and trust me #88, #22 and #8 are 3 of my fav players of all time but watching L.A. play week in and week out fostered my love of this great game in my core and my fibers of my being! Thank you Larry Allen what a special dude! God bless!!!!!!!!!


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