WATCH: Tony Romo Leaves Thank You Message for Cowboys Nation ⋆
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WATCH: Tony Romo Leaves Thank You Message for Cowboys Nation

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WATCH: Tony Romo Leaves Thank You Message for Cowboys Nation

It was expected that Tony Romo would dominate Thursday’s start of free agency in NFL headlines, but nobody in Cowboys Nation expected this roller coaster of emotions. Preparing for a Romo release, the Cowboys have seemingly had a change of heart in trying to trade their franchise QB, causing us to collectively hold our breath.

At the center of all of this is the quarterback we’ve all loved for so long, and it is incredible to see how relaxed he is in the comfort of his own home as this news circulates.

Tony Romo’s farewell video is here, but not his farewell. Will the Texans trade of Brock Osweiler open the door for Romo to stay in Texas for the remainder of his NFL career?

Are the Cowboys going to be forced to move on and release Romo after all?

Frenzy Over Tony Romo Ramping Up, Trade Possible

These are all questions that will be answered as the roster churn for 32 clubs charges on, but for now, we have Tony Romo taking to Twitter to address Cowboys fans for potentially the last time.

Cherish it, and trust the process.

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Sean Martin

Born January 28th, 1996- Cowboys Super Bowl XXX. Point Pleasant NJ, no we're not how you think we are. Host of "Upon Further Review" on 90.3 WMSC FM and every Friday from 1-4 PM ET. You may @ me: @SeanMartinNFL.

  • Travis Diggs

    Awwwww how sweet (FOH( Fuck outta here)) This is starting to get pathetic Where’s the crying Jordan meme wen you need it I know Dakota’s sitting home like ” What have I done” lol

    • Sean Martin

      So Romo isn’t allowed to use his own social media to talk to fans and show his APPRECIATION for the fans that have supported him? Come on man.

    • Kenneth Reed

      “Dakota” is a joke. Have we never seen a rookie light up the NFL? Short minded people! #Disappointing

      • Travis Diggs

        Sensitive cowboys fans seem to can’t get over the fact that the “golden boy” romo has ONLY TWO playoff wins over 12 years and the Rookie just jumped in and did what the veteran been doing for years Dakotas been rubbing alot of “people”(hints the quotations”) the wrong way because he has more upside than the “savior” Romo ever had and he’s only a rookie. If Dakota is a joke, then what is a 13 year veteran with Two playoff wins?? ( Pause…….I’ll Wait”) This is the reason why most NFL teams and players don’t respect cowboys nation anymore, because we support mediocrity Were ok with losing while still thinking were Americas Team. Kapernick, Flacco, and many other average qbs have more playoff wins than Romo but thats ok right??? You cant tell our fans nothing Im 30 and havent seen a super bowl since i was freaking 10 years old When is enough a enough?? While Yall keep throwing Yall Romo Farewell Boo-Who Tour Im excited about the Future LETS GO DAK!!PROVE THESE HATERS WRONG!!!

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