WE STILL DEM BOYZ. #SACKSCOMING: Greg Hardy Sacks Philadelphia

Never underestimate the power of Twitter.

Early on Friday night some fans of the Philadelphia Eagles thought they’d channel their inner girl scouts. They wanted to raise money to fly a banner over Cowboys Camp in Oxnard, CA that read “WE GOT DEMARCO :)”. How cute.

Ashley Hill, better known as @DCBlueStar on Twitter, put together this photo at 2:18pm as an idea of what a counter banner could look like.

Cowboys Blog - "WE STILL DEM BOYZ!"


After tweeting it out Cowboys Nation said that they wanted this to become a reality. Ashley and Patrik Walker, better known as @VoiceOfTheStar on Twitter, heard the wishes of Cowboys Nation and set out to make it happen.

Patrik [No C] Walker on Twitter

So….they want a training camp flyover war? Well……let’s do it.

Ashley created this GoFundMe account where Cowboy fans could donate to see something actually fly in Philadelphia.

With a goal in mind Cowboy fans got to work. We responded from our own @CowboysNation account and the donations began to rain in. $10 here, $20 there, the greatest fans in the world responded.

With victory seemingly a sack away we decided to call a blitz package and send in the Kraken himself.

Cowboys Nation on Twitter

@OverlordKraken Can you help? We are trying to raise money to fly this banner over the Eagles training camp

Like he will many times in the 2015 NFL season, Greg Hardy delivered the game-winning moment.

Cowboys Blog - "WE STILL DEM BOYZ!" 1


Greg “The Prince of War” Hardy on Twitter

@CowboysNation that should do it

Greg Hardy’s $300 donation accomplished what we are all used to seeing, a Cowboy beatdown of the Eagles. The banner will read, at Greg Hardy’s own suggestion, “WE STILL DEM BOYZ. #SACKSCOMING”.

Of course you are still free to donate to the GoFundMe Account and know that your money will be put to good use.

Vander-Fresh on Twitter

Anything over the goal amount, sans GoFundMe fees, will be donated to a Dallas Charity/Hospital which the Cowboys are associated with.

Make sure that you follow Greg HardyDCBlueStar, VoiceOfTheStar, and CowboysNation on Twitter to see when the banner makes its way over the Super Bowl-less valley of Philadelphia!

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