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Week 11 Eagles @ Cowboys Staff Picks & Predictions

In just over 24 hours, the and will be kicking off at in Arlington, TX, and all eyes will be on this matchup. The Eagles sit atop the East, NFC, and entire NFL with a record of 8-1. The Cowboys are at 5-4. The team to beat two weeks ago won't be the team to beat tomorrow.

After a rocky start, the Cowboys strung together three wins in convincing fashion, against the , , and Kansas City Chiefs. Then, last week, lost his battle and LT was ruled out for the game.

You could say things were expected to get a little rough for our ‘Boys, but nobody expected it to be THAT bad. Sean Lee injuring his hamstring was just icing on the cake.

One potential saving grace for Dallas this week is the Eagles are fresh off a . When a team in the NFL starts a season as hot as they have, a bye week can destroy momentum and cohesion.

Another potential saving grace is the Eagles' schedule this year. They've had an awfully easy schedule, based on their finish last year, and have enjoyed the confidence that comes with beating weaker teams regularly.

However, the Eagles are not to be trifled with.

Don't forget, they're a division team and division teams have a way of going after each other like no other. That's something the Cowboys can look forward to just as much as the Eagles, as every game between the two is a bit of a tossup.

S and LB Sean Lee have already been declared. Heath is technically listed as questionable but it is highly unlikely that he'll be active at game time since he wasn't even cleared to practice. Tyron Smith is also listed as questionable. If there is any way the Cowboys can get Smith on the field, even in a limited role, their increase. That's how terrible and were at LT against the in week 10. But I suspect they'll save the risk with the short week and let Tyron rest before Thursday's tilt.

We need Tyron Smith for the next four games more than this game tomorrow.

The Cowboys are starting off hamstrung by at crucial positions. The Eagles are hoping the hot hand hasn't cooled off. This is going to be an interesting game, if not a complete blowout.

As always, I encourage you to add your own predictions for the game in our comments section below.

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Lee Proves to be Invaluable, Once Again

I think the Cowboys will go out there and fight. The importance of this game for them, the , the stage on will give this team a shot. However, without Sean Lee on the field, the Eagles will be too much for Dallas. This would be a tough game even if the entire team was healthy (or not suspended). Even if Tyron Smith plays, I'm picking the Eagles to win this Sunday Night. Sigh. Mauricio Rodriguez – @PepoR99

Cowboys 20 – Eagles 27

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Rebounds, but Struggles

The offense rebounds from its poor week 10 showing, but can't overcome the poor play of the defense without LB Sean Lee. John Williams – @john9williams

Cowboys 24 – Eagles 31

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No Lee, No Chance

Until they prove otherwise, Dallas' defense can't be trusted without Sean Lee in the lineup. The Eagles are coming off their bye week and have had this game circled on their calendar all year. It won't be pretty. Jess Haynie – @CowboysAddicts

Cowboys 23 – Eagles 34

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Cowboys Steal One From Eagles

Moving the ball is going to be a struggle for the Cowboys. Especially if Tyron Smith doesn't play. I do think the Cowboys somehow pull this out. Philadelphia is coming off a bye and sometimes that can hurt teams who have been on a roll. I would expect to see the make a lot of adjustments to help get the ball out quick and put some early points on the board. Connor Livesay – @Connorx147

Cowboys 17 – Eagles 16

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Fly Eagles Fly, Back To Philadelphia Without A Victory

I'm probably going to be in the minority here, but I think the Dallas Cowboys have a good chance to win this game. Yes, the Eagles are 8-1 and coming off their bye week, but they are not completely dominating their opponents. I expect the Cowboys to play angry after their embarrassing performance last week and do just enough to outlast the Eagles at home. Brian Martin – @BrianMartinNFL

Cowboys 27 – Eagles 24

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Bailey, Come Back

A classic NFC East scratch and claw game that stays close throughout. Dez comes up big with two touchdowns and the defense is able to force a few punts. Even though the Eagles had a lead, Dak drives in the last minutes, but Nugent shanks another field goal. Wentz kneels on the hearts of to kill the clock. Christopher Wätjen – @SingForTheDay

Cowboys 17 – Eagles 20

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This has been a rough week for , and a win over the Eagles would go such a long way in collectively reinstalling hope for this , while keeping the division race alive. Unfortunately, I see a spirited performance by the short-handed Cowboys falling three points short, as 's Eagles are just too much for a defense to handle without Sean Lee. Sean Martin – @SeanMartinNFL

Cowboys 31 – Eagles 34

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Dallas' D Can't Stop the Hot Hand, Eagles Ball Out

I still don't trust , and I definitely don't trust him if the plays anything like last week. Add to that Awuzie's first game of the season, and missing Heath and Lee, and this is just too much of the wrong pressure for . The offense will struggle, have a bright spot or two, miss a field goal, make a few more. The defense will be gassed by halftime. And I really hope I'm wrong. smh. Bryson Treece – @BrysonTreece

Cowboys 16 – Eagles 31

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The Eagles may not be an absolutely dominant team this year, not play-by-play, but they're finding ways to win and that's a hard thing to stop when a team finds it. This Cowboys team is a shell of its former self without Zeke, Smith, and Lee. Like I said before, this is going to be interesting, if it's not a total blowout.

Share your game picks below and, as always, Go Cowboys!

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