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Week 14 Playoff Projection: Cowboys Could Clinch Everything

After a few weeks with the same six teams, we finally have a chance. Tampa Bay's road win over the Chargers moved them into the last spot. That sixth seed was surrendered by Washington after a loss to the Cardinals.

If the started today, these would be the . I've included the teams with less than eight losses as they still have a slim possibility of qualifying.

  1. Sean Lee (11-1)
  2. (8-3-1)
  3. (8-4)
  4. (7-5)
  5. (8-4)
  6.  (7-5)
  7. Washington (6-5-1)
  8. (6-6)
  9.  (6-6)
  10. (5-6-1)
  11. (5-7)
  12. (5-7)


  • The Falcons (3-1) are ahead of the Bucs (2-1) in the NFC South due to a better division record. They've already played each other twice and split the series.
  • The Vikings are ahead of the Packers due to a head-to-head victory in Week 2. They play each other again in Green Bay.
  • The Saints (4-4) are ahead of the Eagles (3-6) due to a better record against NFC opponents.

Dallas is involved in the most important NFC game of the . However, there are a few other key matchups to look at. As always, we'll look at each game with a bias towards what's best for the Cowboys.

Dallas Cowboys @ New York Giants

The most important game left on their regular , Dallas clinches the with a win. The Giants would remain a Wild Card team but would move closer to the of elimination.

If the Giants win then they would move to 9-4 with Dallas dropping to 11-2. That is still a nice cushion with only three games left, but at that point the Giants would have the head-to-head tiebreaker. Dallas could not afford a December slide.

Washington @ Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles are barely hanging on, but they'll have home field in this game. They will do more as a spoiler than anything if they win, pulling Washington even further away from the playoffs.

The last thing I want for the Cowboys to have to deal with with in the postseason is one of their division rivals. Those games rarely follow logic. Strengths and weaknesses tend to blur and strategy feels less important. The playing field becomes more even then, and that's not good for the Cowboys.

Arizona Cardinals @ Miami Dolphins

The Cardinals have only one road win all year and it was against the hapless 49ers. Miami is a much better team and fighting for their playoff lives, so things don't look good for Arizona here. A loss here should take them out of the playoff conversation.

Chicago Bears @ Detroit Lions

Detroit can take a huge step towards a division title this week. They have a soft opponent in Chicago while the Vikings are on the road and the Packers have to host the Seahawks.

The Cowboys will be interested in this one. If they beat the Giants, Dallas could clinch a first-round bye with a loss by either Detroit or Seattle. If both the Lions and Seahawks lose, Dallas would clinch the top seed and home field advantage. A loss by Detroit doesn't seem likely here, though.

Minnesota Vikings @ Jacksonville Jaguars

The resistible force meets movable object; Minnesota's lost six of their last seven and the Jags have lost seven in a row. After how close they made their game with Dallas last Thursday night, though, I would be fine with not seeing their again in January.

Go Jacksonville!

New Orleans Saints @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The surging Bucs are on a four-game win streak and have pulled even with the Falcons. They have the tougher game this week, facing while Atlanta gets .

There's a strong possibility that whoever doesn't win the NFC South between the Bucs and Falcons will earn one of the Wild Card spots. Still, as I've said before, I'd much rather that Dallas face the Buccaneers than the Falcons in the postseason. Both and could put up huge numbers against our pass defense, but Winston's youth could also work against him in his first playoff appearance.

Atlanta Falcons @ Los Angeles Rams

As stated above, I'd be happier for the Buccaneers to win the NFC South and for the Falcons' high-powered to fall right out of the mix. I doubt they will slip out of the Wild Card spot, but every loss helps.

Unfortunately, the Rams don't look like they'll be winning again any time soon.

Seattle Seahawks @ Green Bay Packers

The Seahawks will clinch the NFC West with a win and a loss by Arizona. Their winning the division is a foregone conclusion, really, so the bigger concern is keeping their first-round bye intact. If Seattle loses and Detroit wins, the Lions would become the number-two seed.

Green Bay still has a little life after two-straight wins. If they can hold home field against the Seahawks, their last three games are all in the division. They beat Detroit in Week 3 and can get the tiebreaker in .


Jess Haynie
Jess Haynie
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