Week 3 Defensive Recap vs Packers

Evidently some of the things I covered on last weeks game Brian Stewart covered with the defense this week. Notice I said “Some of the things”, tackling is still an issue, but intensity and up the middle pressure were there this week. This game essentially came down to the better team won, as Green Bay was just not good enough to stay in the game.


Green Bay’s game plan was to try to get Dallas spread out and then run, not only did this not work but it allowed the Boys to dictate the rest of the game, forcing the Packers to give up on the run. The reason this happened was because of the stellar play of the D-Line. Jay Ratliff, Marcus Spears, and Chris Canty spent most of the night either in the backfield or stringing the play out until D-Ware, Zach Thomas, Bradie James, and Greg Ellis could get there. Outstanding job gentlemen!


I don’t know if the rest of you noticed or not but Bradie James FINALLY showed up! After missing in action for the first two games, Bradie was very active in this game. You can add Aaron Rodgers to the list of quarterbacks that do not want to see D-Ware anytime soon! This guy continues to get better every week, as he does not seem to care how many men you put on him he still goes where ever he wants. Greg Ellis well all I can say is I am ready for Anthony Spencer to get healthy and get back to playing. As each passing week goes by I see a trend happening with Greg, he is slower to the play and when he does get there he cannot finish. I think he has been hanging out with Roy Willy too much. Zach Thomas or otherwise known as Mr. Consistency continues his solid play.


It was very evident that the game plan here was to give the Packers the short stuff and force Rodgers to make the right reads, this might have worked out for the Packers had Rodgers not had to run all night long. When he took the short route there was always someone there to TACKLE the receiver immediately! That’s right I said it the secondary made tackles. I just thought of the reason I could say that this week, ROY WILLY was not on the field! It was so nice to watch a game and not have to worry with what the DIRTY SOONER was doing. Adam Jones gets better and better every week. T-New played better this week as he continues to get closer to one hundred percent. Anthony Henry got the first two sacks of his career in this game and played very good man defense.

Well the dreaded Pork Skins come to town this week and hopefully the Boys can put a Texas size ass whooping on the Jason Taylor less skins. So far so good as they have taken care of business against two of the top teams in the league (Eagles & Packers). I am not a big fan of predictions but I believe this team will go into the bye week undefeated at 8 and 0!

What do you think?


Written by Phillip Baggett


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