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Weekly Roundup: Cowboys at Buccaneers

Welcome to the first regular season installment of “The Weekly Roundup”!

This week I had the pleasure of exchanging thoughts with Nicholas over at Buc'em a Top notch Buccaneer fan blog.

As is the case on every Weekly Roundup make sure you head over there to see our answers to their questions, and by all means let them know how you feel about the Cowboys and the game!

The game last year between these two teams was defensive and sloppy (thank you ) should Cowboy fans expect this same sort of game again?

Probably not as much.. Jeff Garcia was terrible in the 4th Qtr last year, and in the too. Which explains so many trips inside the Dallas 30 yard line but only 9 points? With at full strength, its doubtful the Cowboys can be held under 21 points. If they are, the Bucs have a better chance to win

The Buccaneers have made several big changes this year, even making a change at last week. How will all of these changes impact the mindset of this football team?

Its all be positive when viewed from the inside. Players were tired of 's “Luv ya Bro” message. New Coach Raheem Morris is a rah rah guy, who has gained the respect of all the players during camp with his discipline, and has the team physical practicing in pads from Day One of camp. Expect a Bucs team that will make no excuses over , heat, refs, and will play hard till the end of the 4th.

Byron Leftwich has had a very roller coaster type of career, do you believe, and better yet do the Buccaneers believe that the ride begins to flatten out for him to become a top flight in the NFL? Is he the QB for now? Or is he there for the long haul?

Very few Bucs fans feel Byron is anything more than a hold over until 2010 when will start after getting a year of #2 QB Reps. Only if the Bucs go deep into the will you see Byron Leftwich QB next year.

Most Bucs fans are no really in ANY QBs corner right now, if anything, 4th string Josh Johnson has caught the fancy of many Bucs fans with this excellent play during . Everyone agrees Josh Freeman is not ready, although a lot of fans are willing to roll with him, and the rest feel neither McCown nor Leftwich won the job, they just got it by not losing.

The and most of its fan base believe they have what we like to call “Three headed monster” backfield. All three backs will be used on Sunday in Tampa, is this triple threat an area of deep concern for the Bucs? Or is our 3 headed monster merely impressive on paper?

No, Bucs fans and I'm sure coaches are very concerned about your three headed monster, and hope to counter with one of our own. Derrick Ward and Earnest graham make up two of them, but Cadillac Williams is back to full strength and will actually start. Then you have special team returner Clifton Smith who will run the ball too. Bucs fans expect to run the ball often.

What can Dallas fans expect to see on both the Offensive and Defensive sides of the ball from the Bucs on Sunday? And what are you keys to a Bucs win?

Honestly, Dallas fans will have to wait like their Bucs counterparts, because even we don't know what we are going to put on the field. We do fell one thing, how things go Sunday will probably be a very good indicator on how the season will go too!

There are some Bucs fans that feel we can win, however the majority of Bucs fans are very pessimistic on the season, and obviously the opener.

Once again a big thank you to Nicholas and all the guys over at Buc'Em for answering our questions. Be sure to head over There and see our answers to their questions

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