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Weekly Roundup: Cowboys vs Raiders

The are soon headed to start their against the Raiders, and to get us ready for the first game of 2009, we've put together a quick Q&A with Silver and Black Forever. It's what we like to call our Weekly Roundup!

Silver and Black Forever also sent some questions to us about the Cowboys – you can view our answers to their questions by going to Dallas vs. Oakland.

1. Do you have a preseason prediction on how the Raiders season will end up?

My general sense is that the Raiders will improve upon last seasons' 5 win total and field a much more competitive team overall than in 2008. Although the Raiders have a very difficult schedule facing off against such playoff caliber teams like the Chargers, Steelers, Ravens, Eagles, Cowboys, and Giants, I predict the Raiders will end the season at 8-8, 2nd place in the AFC West, and out of the .

I am hopeful that the Raiders win more than 8 games this year but the core players on are still in the developmental stage of their careers and Cable is still trying to gain traction. The difference between a small incremental gain in victories and a big leap will be the improvement of JaMarcus Russell, the run , and passing attack.

2. Is it true that Al Davis sleeps in a casket?

Very funny Cowboy Nation! No, it is categorically false although Davis is known for being a late night person or nocturnal owl.

3. What happened to ? Is he just struggling with the NFL game, or did we really get the best from Arkansas last year?

Unfortunately Darren McFadden suffered a severe turf toe in the 2nd game of last season vs. KC and was never completely 100% healthy or able to get into a rhythm for the vast majority of the season. My projections for McFadden this year are 1,800 yards total from scrimmage (run + reception yardage) and 10 TDs. And no, you didn't get the best RB from Arkansas last year. McFadden is on the cusp of super stardom.

4. Darrius Heyward-Bey? Really??? What the heck happened there?

The Raiders drafted the best available WR that fit their system. As you probably know, the Raiders put a premium on speed and the ability to stretch the field with the vertical offense. DHB was the fastest player at the combine and came from a pro style offense at Maryland. WRs that came from a spread offense like (Crabtree or Maclin or Harvin) were not looked upon as a good fit for the Raiders offense. My personal preference for our #7 pick would have been LT Monroe or DT Raji.

5. Do Raiders fans have something to look forward too this year, or is this season going to be a struggle?

I'm quite certain that this season will have it's peaks and valleys. The Raider fans have a lot to look forward to in 2009. There is a sense in Raider Nation that Tom Cable is the right guy, at the right time to work in harmony with Al Davis. Stability at Head Coach and a core of very exciting, talented young players such as Russell, McFadden, Bush, Schillens beings hope. In addition, the way that the Raiders concluded their 2008 campaign on a positive note with wins vs. Houston and Tampa Bay showed the promise of a better future.

We want to extend our thanks to Silver and Black Forever for participating in this week's edition of Weekly Roundup, and wish them luck as they face off against a much better team!

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Bryson T
Bryson T
Nothing gives me greater joy than the experience of being a Dallas Cowboys fan come time to check another victory on the schedule every Sunday. I live Inside The Star everyday and blog on it occasionally, as well. Follow us on Twitter - @InsideTheStarDC

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Okay, I know this is a Cowboys site and all, but I still figured we’d get some votes against the Cowboys to win. Need some Raider fans to chip in. I suppose the sad prospect is that some of those Cowboys votes so far could include Raider fan votes =P


I almost voted for the Raiders, just because it’s a preseason game that doesn’t mean jack. But I figured with it being a toss up in that sense, might as well vote for my Boys.


What up with the “CopyCat” thing….1st y’all come off with your name in “Black” on all those coats and now y’all post that “CowGirlNation” Crap…That sounds as dumb as that “SadFranchise Empire” out in “GayBay”….That’ed be across the bay from “ViolentBay” where the Raidahs play…

I spent a lot of time down Texas way and was referred to as a “GadDamn Yankee” because Todds made me Foreman…Guess y’all know the deal there….A SeattleBoy as foreman in Texas…”BullShit”….But I had alot of that too because when the metal trades went completely south I turned to driving a truck hauling cattle all over the “LoneStar State” and spreading shit everywhere…I admittedly even spread some bad “Do-Do” about the “CowGirls” moving north and being renamed as the “Arkansas PlowBoys” which resulted in a great deal of “HateMail”…

So I reconded it’s all kool now if it returns…It’s always easy to kick a dog when he’s down….Just ask my boy Vick….

Friday morning will be a good-ol time for me though as we smash some heads with each other in preparation for the real deal come “Thanks fer the “V” day” in November…Oh!…Claification….I’m now about 10,000 mile outside US AirSpace trashin around Cambodia/Thailand so it 14 hrs ahead of y’all….Have to buy it on the web at to watch….$69/mo….

So will talk again after the game and break-it-down with ya what needs improvement for both of us remembering this don’t amount to squat…It’s just preparations…

PantyRaider…Have A Cold One On Me!!!/_


I’m back…

In all fairness you had “Score-Board” for the 1st quarter which in the pre-season matters the most but that’s about it….You were able to run the ball for 127yds but gave up 170 on only 26 caries…Your weakness was in the passing game…Your depth behind Romo is sick…Would you be interested in Garcia…I think he is expendable as we have two good young back-ups and the old guy should be “Odd-Man-Out”…”TradeBate”…

Not to say we have it all together….Our Run “D” is very suspect on a night when the “O” put up good #’s but the “D” still gave up too much yardage to a team trying to play “Catch-Up”….But our passing game is greatly improved from what it was and the run is already great….

As for the meeting in November don’t expect to see the same “Off-Balanced” “O” as you saw tonight….We passed twice what we ran and I think the regular season will show the opposite….We just came in and work on our weaknesses instead of showcasing our strengths…It’s the preseason so that can be expected….

Look forward to the “TurkeyDay” with ya but my take is “You Lose”..

PantyRaider…Still Improving!!!/_

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