Welcome Home, DeMarco Murray

Ah yes DeMarco Murray. Long time friend quickly turned enemy when he decided to leave the Cowboys to join the Eagles (seriously?) this offseason. Although Cowboys Nation can hardly say the Cowboys backfield has faired smoothly without him, his struggles with the Eagles have been well documented. Let’s take a look..

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Im at a store & theres a kid walking around with an iPad shoved in his face playing a game. Walked right into his mom. Reminded me of Murray

Through just two short games last season, Murray had 285 yards. This year, thanks to a two yard performance against the Cowboys in week 2, he had 11.

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Weeden is 6/6 and has 18 more rushing yards than Demarco Murray.

He then missed a game against the Jets due to injury in week 3.

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Because he is missing the game today, Murray will now have 11 yards after 3 games, and is now on pace for 59 yards for the entire season.

This missed game opened the door for this hilarious stat following the Cowboys loss to the Seahawks…

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Matt Cassel has more yards in this game already than Demarco Murray had in his first 3 games total this season.

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If any Eagles fans want to run their mouths about Randle, McFadden as the backup most of the time is ahead of Murray

Murray has just flat out failed to get anything going more times than not when he touches the ball.

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For the season, Demarco Murray has 16 carries of zero or negative yards and 12 carries of 4+ yards.

So welcome back, DeMarco. You’ll be seeing a whole lot of this. Enjoy.

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Murray’s new jersey is available on


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