What Does Packers Game Mean for Dak Prescott, Tony Romo?

If not for Trump and Hillary, “Tony Romo versus Dak Prescott” would be the hottest debate in America right now. It’s become a headline topic on every national sports show.

While Cowboys remain very split on the question, more and more national personalities are throwing their vote to Prescott. Today on Fox NFL Sunday, all four of their analysts said Prescott should keep the job. Earlier this week, Cowboys legend Roger Staubach said he would stick with the rookie sensation.

 - Dak Prescott, #4That’s right; Jimmy Johnson and Staubach are now behind Dak Prescott. They join Michael Irvin, who has been pushing for Prescott for almost two months.

No word yet on what Troy or Emmitt think.

Wherever you are now on “Prescott vs. Romo,” the question today is just how much this afternoon’s game can change your position. Dallas travels to meet the Green Bay Packers, with a 5-1 record just one win away.

Like those supporting their favorite political candidate, some will not be swayed by anything that happens against Green Bay. If Dak has a horrible game, his biggest fans will say that Tony Romo has had his own horrible games. If Prescott is brilliant, diehard Romo fans will argue that Tony could’ve been even more spectacular.

Like in politics, the impact of new events and evidence is all about what it does to the middle and the undecided. Some opinion won’t change no matter what, so let’s talk about the ones that will.

If Prescott has a great game and the Cowboys win, many will finally be ready to see him keep the job. Dak will have won a road game in Lambeau against Aaron Rodgers. As a rookie, he’ll have led the team to 5-1; something Romo’s only done twice in 10 seasons.

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Louis DeLuca/The Dallas Morning News

If Dak has pedestrian numbers but Dallas still wins, it won’t provide the same momentum. Some will argue that Romo could have given us a more convincing win, and would do better if we see the Packers again in the playoffs. There is a prevailing assumption that Romo brings “more explosiveness” to the offense.

If it’s a bad day at the office for Prescott, we will likely see a strong surge in Romo support. The middle is easily swayed by recent events. With two weeks to get ready for Dallas’ next opponent, the Philadelphia Eagles, even some of Dak’s current fans will run back to Romo for the big division game.

At this point there’s no irrefutable argument. Those who believe in Romo’s big play potential can’t deny he brings increased risk of turnovers. Those who like Dak’s ball control and running ability can’t hide from his lack of chemistry with Dez Bryant and Jason Witten, and how that’s hurt Dallas in the redzone.

With the team at 5-1, or even 4-2, it will be hard to take issue with Dak’s results. The question really comes more to issues such as loyalty, long-term vs. short-term goals, and how much you think with your heart over your head.

Today’s game will not change things for many fans in the Prescott-Romo debate. However, for a very large group who can still be affected, it is a huge day for the rookie under center and the veteran on the sideline.

Are Jerry Jones and Jason Garrett among those who can still swayed? We’re about to find out.

What do you think?

Jess Haynie

Written by Jess Haynie

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