What is Kyle Orton Doing?

Kyle Orton was a no-show for the first day of the Cowboy’s mandatory mini-camp this week, which means he’ll fork over some cash for each and every day that he decides not to show up.

I’ve kept my thoughts on this situation to myself, mainly because I didn’t really know enough about the situation to form an objective opinion, but missing today’s mini-camp tells me that Mr. Orton is in no hurry to show up to work this offseason. Now, I’m not sure what his reason is for missing mini-camp but I’m sure there is an abundance of them.

However, if you’re not showing up just because you don’t want to play anymore you need to man-up and say it. Don’t try to pull a Jay Ratliff and slither your way out the backdoor just so you can play for someone else and really, think long and hard before you hold out for money so you can hold a clipboard all season. Mr. Orton, you were already making a nice salary doing just that, and you even said last season that you were happy being the backup, so it’s obvious you’re in no hurry to play.

My advice? If Kyle doesn’t want to play for the Cowboys then by all means, go ahead and hand back the $3 million Jerry gave you and ride off into the sunset with your mullet held high. Because if you think about it, if you keep doing things the way you are, it’s just going to end up a whole lot messier for you.

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