What Now?

Sorry for the lack of posting! Remember what I said a few posts ago about some Cowboy fans get quiet after losses? Well I think I have proved my point. The loss to the Rams on Sunday was exceptionally difficult for me, and for most Cowboy fans. I have spent the last several days dissecting my thoughts, of which their have been plenty. My first response was nothing but sheer anger, but the more I have contemplated my thoughts and feelings on this situation I have come to an understanding.

First of all, there is no excuse that can be made for the despicable act of quitting! And this team flat-out quit, on themselves, there coaches, and us the fans! For this there is no excuse. Wade Phillips I thought was a great hire for this organization after the exit of the “Big Tuna”, this team needed a softer voice (players coach) but this has all worn off now. Anyone who has been or is in a managerial position knows that SOMETIMES people need to be pushed. Now I also know that you have to pick your spots on when you push, and how hard! It is obvious to me that this team has no respect for Wade Phillips, these players simply know that it does not matter how poorly they play there will be no ass chewing from their leader! Wade himself says so much when he says “The mistakes are mine; I have told the team don’t worry with the mistakes those are on me”. What does this philosophy preach? It preaches SLOPPINESS! This is the same philosophy that tells Roy Willy it’s ok to be out of position on EVERY PLAY! It is the same one that tells the LARGEST offensive line in football to play like a high school team. There is no doubt that Wade Phillips will not be here next year and he has no control of that. What he can control is what happens the rest of THIS year.

What we all need to keep in perspective is the injury bug that has plagued this team. If I told you at the beginning of the year that the Cowboys would have to play the first four games without Romo, Newman, Spencer, Kosier, McBriar, Felix Jones, and so on and so on. What do you think the Cowboys record would be? I don’t know about you but I believe they would be 0-4! As much as I would like to blast them for not playing well I am having a hard time doing it for this reason. The question now becomes, does this team have the heart to battle through these tough times? Or will they simply lie down and quit? Well two weeks ago there would have been no hesitation on my part in answering this, and that answer would have been yes they have the heart! After last weeks showing though, I would be a complete homer if I said that this team will fight to the end!

I hope this team reads the paper, and watches television because if they do then their pride has most certainly been hurt! Maybe since there heart has been questioned, they will all look deep inside themselves and decide to come out swinging! In the words of Martin Luther King “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.” It is time for them all to stand up and look in the mirror and ask themselves if they are giving everything they have to each other and to this team?

What do you think?


Written by Phillip Baggett


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