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Everyone here at Inside The Star strives to give you the best and most accurate information possible. We may look out of the box at times with a crazy or bold prediction, or take on the national media, but that’s what makes it fun, right?

We appreciate all of you who come to read what we write, and would love to hear your feedback and questions on what you would like to see as we move forward.

And just in case you missed anything, here’s a quick roundup of some of our best and most intriguing posts from the month of September.

Dallas Cowboys At Philadelphia Eagles: 5 Bold Predictions

RJ took at stab at five bold predictions for the Eagles game. He nailed two out of five, and one in the first half alone. And had it been for defender being a step quicker and the other team scoring on special teams he would have had four of five.

Smooth View Game Preview: Dallas Cowboys Vs New York Giants

September was the kickoff of the #SmoothView Game Preview. If there’s a preview of an upcoming game that you definitely need to read, it’s the #SmoothView. Walter digs deep to provide everything you will need to watch for in the upcoming game.

 Injury Plagued Cowboys: How To Win With Brandon Weeden

We all knew the minute Tony Romo went down it would be an uphill battle. James took a look at how the Cowboys could continue their winning ways with Brandon Weeden. While the first two weeks have ended in a loss, take a look for yourself and see if the Cowboys are doing what James suggests could get the Boys back on the winning track.

Tim Tebow: We Need To Talk, Cowboys Fans

Since we’re on the quarterback subject, you guessed it. The name Tim Tebow was immediately brought up and got some wondering if the Cowboys would bring him in. Here you can read and see for yourself why the Cowboys didn't bring him in and the reasons why he should remain with his new found career.

Michael Irvin Silences Critics With Animated Defense Of Romo

Of course, the critics came out after Tony Romo threw 356 yards and two touchdowns. They criticize every QB for that kind of performance. OR NOT. Sean gives a brief introduction and lets Michael take it from there.

Is It Terrance Williams Time To Shine

Back to injuries we go. With the loss of Dez Bryant, I took a look back at Williams’ time and stats in the league, and left the question up to the readers. Basically asking the question of whether or not you thought TWIll would be able to step up his game until Bryant returns.

10 Thoughts A Day After Cowboys Beat Eagles 20-10

Bobby, the host of the Cowboys Cast (which you do not want to miss), gives his 10 thoughts after the Cowboys beat our ever-loved, little step-brother with all the pre-season trophies and a place enshrined on the famous Gaylord Focker Wall Of Fame with all of their pretty colored ribbons.

Cowboys Vs Eagles Rewind: History Meets Mediocrity

Speaking of the little brother and all their trophies, this was a simple look back into time and compare the series history. Along with how Tony Romo, Jason Witten, Tyrone Crawford along with others have fared against you know who, in their careers.

This Week In 1995

September was also the beginning of Kayla’s look back from 20 years ago which was the Cowboys last super bowl winning season. It will let you relive every week from 1995 as it happened throughout the season. Hoping for the same ending result.

Make sure to check back each week as we will also provide you with injury updates, fantasy football advice, and much more.





Lifelong Dallas Cowboys and horse racing fan. You can generally find me at the top of a mountain or on a frozen lake. Born and raised in Idaho and for those still wondering, we do have color tv and cell phones.


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DL Kerry Hyder Helps Solidify A Re-Tooled Defensive Line

Kevin Brady



DL Kerry Hyder Helps Solidify A Re-Tooled Defensive Line

The Cowboys got off to a busy start to week two of free agency on Monday, and capped it off by signing defensive lineman Kerry Hyder to a one year deal.

The former Detroit Lion could be classified as a "one year wonder" of sorts, but when you look closer at his career arc, you see that Hyder can provide upside at multiple positions across the Cowboys' defensive front.

After having 8 sacks and 19 quarterback hits as a defensive end in 2016, Hyder missed all of 2017 with an achilles injury. Last season, under new head coach Matt Patricia, Hyder was moved out of position and forced to play as a nose tackle and 5-technique more often.

So, the last time Hyder was healthy and playing in the role in he will likely fill in Dallas, he was productive. Yes that was a couple of seasons ago but it makes Hyder worth the one year deal he received from the Cowboys.

What exactly is that role, though?

I see Hyder primarily as a rotational 3-technique for the Cowboys. At just 270 pounds Hyder isn't going to play over the center often, and won't be very useful as a 1-technique against the run. He's at his best when lining on the outside shade of an offensive lineman, where he can use his get-off and quickness to create pressure.

Kerry Hyder can also fill in at defensive end if needed, especially when the Cowboys go into a nickel package. Hyder is similar to Tyrone Crawford in his ability to move inside and out, but is a bit better of a pass rusher than Crawford when at his best.

Hyder is a high energy, motor, and character defensive lineman who will fit right in with a Rod Marinelli unit. If it all clicks for Hyder and he regains his 2016 form, the Cowboys will have stolen an impressive pass rushing defensive lineman who can win from multiple positions.

If Hyder is actually a "one year wonder" who is more of his 2018-self with the Cowboys despite being put in a better role to succeed, Dallas can move on rather quickly because he is only on a one year deal.

This is a smart signing by the Cowboys front office as they look to re-tool their defensive line, and avoid being pigeon-holed into over-drafting at a certain position this Spring.

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New Cowboys WR Randall Cobb Announces His Signing With A Fantastic GIF

Kevin Brady



New Cowboys WR Randall Cobb Announces His Signing With A Fantastic GIF

On Tuesday this week it became official the Cowboys would sign former Green Bay Packers wide receiver Randall Cobb to a one year deal worth an estimated $5 million. After his visit Monday morning, speculation around whether and when he would sign was swirling.

Cobb confirmed his intentions to join the Cowboys himself, and did so with some A+ GIF usage on Twitter.

Randall Cobb on Twitter

Randall Cobb on Twitter

In case you don't know, the GIF Cobb tweeted is Woody from Toy Story, emerging confidently and tipping his cap.

This was Cobb signaling that he his a Cowboy, and he appears excited to be joining America's Team. Cobb also received some social media love from his now former teammates in Green Bay, including wide receiver Davante Adams and quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

RJ Ochoa on Twitter

Aaron Rodgers had some parting words for new Cowboys WR Randall Cobb

Clearly Randall Cobb made an impact in Green Bay, both on and off the field. Let's hope he can replicate some of that in Dallas now that he has joined the Cowboys.

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Malik McDowell Is Well Worth The Risk For The Dallas Cowboys

Kevin Brady



Malik McDowell, Michigan State

The Dallas Cowboys are reportedly brining defensive lineman Malik McDowell into The Star this week for a visit, as they decide whether or not to potentially sign him for the 2019 season.

McDowell is a former second round pick of the Seattle Seahawks, who fell to day two because of what scouts call "off the field" or "character" concerns. McDowell did not last long with Seahawks, as he was released in 2017 following an ATV accident in which he reportedly suffered "extensive brain and eye trauma" according to Charles Robinson.

None of us know much about who Malik McDowell is as a person, or what concerns their really should be with his health. But what I do know is that on tape at Michigan State, McDowell was a top 5-10 player in the 2017 draft class. He was a stud, and has the traits to continue to be a stud in the NFL.

2017 NFL Draft: Scouting Michigan State DL Malik McDowell - Slant Sports

The 2017 NFL Draft is chock full of talented, athletic, and productive defensive linemen. While most of the draft pundits have focused on EDGE rushers thus far, the defensive tackle class also possesses some of this year's top NFL prospects. Arguably the best of those defensive tackles is Michigan State's Malik McDowell.

Back in 2017 I wrote a full scouting report on McDowell, detailing why he earned such a high grade on my board. McDowell is a versatile linemen who is explosive off the ball, powerful and rangy against the run, and a skilled pass rusher who plays with a high motor. What more could you really ask for?

"McDowell is a patient pass rusher at times, setting up the blocker how he likes and then beating them with ease. McDowell’s ability to swipe hands off helps him greatly, but his quick swim is his most effective pass rush move.

On this play he uses that swim to perfection, forcing the center to power down to the right before swimming back to the other side."

nfldraft malik mcdowell 3

Check out this video on Streamable using your phone, tablet or desktop.

When the Spartans went to a three man pass rushing front, McDowell moved to the EDGE often and made plays with his quick, active hands and impressive swim move. He was much more impressive on the interior, however, and could be a direct replacement for David Irving as an explosive and powerful 3-technique for the Cowboys.

nfldraft malik mcdowell 4

Check out this video on Streamable using your phone, tablet or desktop.

I love that the Cowboys are bringing McDowell in for a free agent visit. His price will likely be low, as he is yet to play in an NFL game over the last two years, but his ceiling remains very high if he is healthy. It's rare for a player with his college production, natural ability, and measurables to completely fail in the NFL.

Maybe all McDowell needs is a second chance to get his head right and prove that he belongs in the league. Maybe he flames out quickly and can't get on the field due to "off the field" stuff. Or, maybe he simply isn't healthy enough to contribute as an NFL player. Regardless, for the price he'll likely command, McDowell is well worth the risk if the Cowboys are willing to take it.

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