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When Will the Cowboys Sign Another Kicker?

Jonathan Garibay is the only kicker left on the . I am all for an experiment, but how long will it take until Dallas has to sign someone else?

Garibay signed with the on May 2 after going undrafted in April, and he’s been left without any competition at kicker.

We would think Dallas would likely add another kicker to compete with Garibay by the time arrives, but the is the current frontrunner for the job.

Matthew Wright was waived on May 11 and is currently a . He made 87% of his kicks last season with the . He is solid. I would have no problem with someone getting on the phone and bringing in a guy who has made kicks in this league before.

The Cowboys lost three regular-season games by a field goal or less. had missed in each of them. A 15-2 record instead of 12-5 would have given Dallas the top seed and a first-round bye in the postseason.

Garibay only missed one FG last season in college and was ranked the fourth-best kicker coming into the draft, we know he can kick the ball, but even the best miss in the NFL, it becomes a different level.

In his two seasons at Texas Tech, Garibay was 23-27 (85.2%) in FGM and 55-57 (96.7%) in XPM, and if you compare those numbers against or Cameron Dicker, the top two kickers in the class, he was statistically better.

Jon Machota on Twitter: “The Cowboys are signing undrafted rookie free agent kicker Jonathan Garibay(Video: @CamMellor) / Twitter”

The Cowboys are undrafted rookie free agent kicker Jonathan Garibay(: @CamMellor)

All I am saying is that it is hard to have just one kicker on the , Dallas has to bring somebody else in, and the sooner they do it, the better it would be. They have plenty of options sitting out there for them to explore. Wright would be the guy I take a chance on and bring it to compete with Garibay. The Cowboys just gained $10 million in cap room, jumping Dallas’ space to nearly $22 million.

What do you think?

Shane Taylor

Written by Shane Taylor

Cowboys fan from the Midwest, I love to write, blogger for Inside the Star. Follow me on twitter @ShaneTaylor43

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  1. It’s pretty obvious what the Cowboys are doing at the K position. By only having one on the roster during OTAs and MC they freed up a roster spot for one more position player. Ks don’t need off season practice. They will bring in another body at some point during camp to make sure Garibay isn’t overworked in practice and if not satisfied will watch the waiver wire when teams that are carrying 2 in the off season start making cuts

  2. They may be waiting until the USFL season is over. After a very shaky start, a few of them have started to emerge as intriguing options. Cole Murphy, Luis Aguilar, Brandon Aubrey, and Taylor Bertolet have all proven to be very reliable. Murphy has a huge leg, making one from 60 yards at basically sea level in humid conditions. Luis Aguilar is the most accurate and has the most experience as a punter, but is still very shaky on the punting side of things. But, he could at least be an emergency punter and camp leg to take some work load off of 33-year-old Bryan Anger.

    I wish they would have held onto Hunter Niswander since he could punt very well and kick ok, but maybe his back is still a problem? All else fails, Kai Forbath is still a Free Agent. Maybe third time is the charm?

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