Where can Dallas find the DEs for the 53-man roster?


With sidelined there is a huge hole at RDE. might be an experienced veteran but I doubt he can replicate his 2011 season in which he totaled 8 with the Jaguars. So who is going to step up?

The Cowboys have looked at 2011 3rd round pick Martez Wilson, UDFA Dartwan Bush, brought in Ken Boatright and flipped to RDE to see what he can muster. I have a running (and I will publish this after the Dolphins game in case of changes) and I currently have 2 vacant DE spots. One or two of the aforementioned may rise to the challenge but personally I feel it is likely the brings in at least one body to make this roster, whether it be after cuts or via .

So after scanning some players who are considered to be on the bubble with their respective teams, here are some names I am looking at again in week 3 of the : Ethan Westbrooks, Michael Sam (STL), Vinny Curry, (PHI).

Now Westbrooks was a UDFA and Sam a 7th round selection, both players that Dallas could have taken if they thought highly of them. They didn't, however their play has caught my attention in preseason. If Dallas does acquire either of these players, it would be after being cut.

However Curry and Graham were touted highly coming out of college, selected in the 2nd and 1st rounds, respectively. Neither have lived up to their draft status and would seem more comfortable in the 4-3 than the 3-4 that is running in Philadelphia. Before the draft, Graham was rumoured to be on the trade block. He has shown glimpses in preseason but the management in Philadelphia must not be sold, I doubt they would change their so quickly after seeing these players day-in-day-out.

So would Kelly trade within the division? How much would you be willing to give up for either of these players? Personally I'd try to give up a 5th and , who could provide experienced cover while Lane Johnson serves his for PEDs. Let me know @DCBenMcKeith

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Paul Leatherman

As unimpressive as Parnell has been I don’t think we should trade him unless we get a OT back in exchange. Reason being is after Smith & Free we have zero depth. Unless you trust Weems who we haven’t seen play yet. Wetzel has been a nice surprise for an UDFA but still. He’s a rookie UDFA. I guess you could make the argument for sliding Martin to one of OT positions and inserting Bernie Mack at RG but Martin hasn’t seen anytime at OT in camp. But even if they did that means you’re shuffling you’re entire oline around due to one injury at the OT position.

I think they should just wait and see what’s on the waiver wire. Both the Rams and Eagles are going to cut some talented pass rushers. Another team to watch is the Panthers. Wes Horton in particular.