Where Do You Belong?

Loyalty has been questioned thoroughly throughout the NFL.  From GM’s to Coaches it seems that players, who dedicate blood, sweat, and tears are thrown away as if they were the puppets of a washed up ventriloquist.

This past weekend I was on my honeymoon, I traveled on a cruise to Cozumel, Mexico.  While meeting new people I noticed loads of Cowboys hats, T-Shirts, and Jerseys.  It is then that I realized, yes loyalty is deceased within the front office of NFL teams, but their are fans who still keep their loyalty.

I’m prime example; I’m originally from just north of Philadelphia.  My Dad and brothers are die-hard eagles fans, and I’ve had to spend nights at a neighbor’s house because of vicious rompings the Cowboys fed the Birds.  Though the rift between my families still stands strong throughout football season, the blue and silver run through my veins.

It’s evident that our players have reached incomparable scrutiny.  Romo gets bashings from hell from bloggers who have no sports knowledge.  ESPN portrays the Cowboys to be a team whose accomplished nothing and is today’s version of the Oakland Raiders.  Fans… They scream for victory.  I… I scream for patience, support, and understanding. 

I’ve been driven crazy by fair weather fans that are pleading for victory, who are pleading for off-season moves, who are pleading for new coaches.  My response to you is: You don’t play, you don’t coach, you don’t own, and you don’t manage.  If you could then you would.  Many of you won’t like this post, possibly won’t be able to stand another thing that I’ve written.  However, I write truths.  I stand by my team no matter what’s going on.  I support Romo, I support Wade Phillips, I support Newman, and I support the future decisions of the Cowboys.  All because I’m a fan.  I love my team, and it’s our support that will help them win another championship.  We’re as much apart of this team as any player, so if you’re up for the challenge I say follow me…if not find another team to distract.  Help me prove that loyalty still lives in the Dallas fans.  Let is be the example.

What do you think?


Written by Bo Martin

Former Sports Writer. Veteran. Serving veterans is my passion. Johns Hopkins Student. Enjoy Discussing Politics and sports!


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