Which Games Could Kellen Moore/Dak Prescott Conceivably Win In 2016?

Last Wednesday the NFL Network was re-airing the Dallas Cowboys epic last-second win in New York from 2014. Giants fans tend to remember this as the “Odell catch” game as opposed to “just another miserable loss,” but hey that’s their prerogative.

If you’ll remember that was a Sunday Night Football game so Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth were on the call. Towards the end of the game Cris is talking about Romo’s influence on the team and how many Cowboys fans used to, incorrectly, announce that it was he (Romo) that was holding the Cowboys back. Collinsworth goes on to say how the Cardinals game that season (which Tony missed due to injury) was a horrific preview of what life without him might be like and how he is now our hero.

If the 2014 Cardinals game was a preview, then the majority of the 2015 season was the main event. Tony Romo missed 12 total games and the Cowboys resorted to the services of a Brandon Weeden, Matt Cassel, and Kellen Moore blended cocktail.

Last week I let you guys know that I had recently started watching Survivor. I’m only a couple of seasons in, but so far despite the insane levels of hunger that the contestants have reached no one has been desperate enough to call on Weeden/Cassel/Moore.That’s saying something.

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Now I’m not trying to poke at old wounds here, but if Friday Night Lights taught us anything it’s that backup quarterbacks are important (plus Texas Forever, Whataburger rules, and Mrs. Saracen was such a drag). Natural selection has run its course a little bit as Brandon Weeden and Matt Cassel have migrated to homes more worthy of their illustrious talent, the Houston Texans and Tennessee Titans respectively. Weird how the Titans just love Cowboys leftovers, ain’t that right DeMarco?

The Dallas Cowboys currently employ Kellen Moore and the recently drafted Dak Prescott (4th Round, 135th Overall) to enjoy life drinking Gatorade and man one mean scout team while Tony Romo reaps in all the glory and success for the franchise. In the event that Romo goes down though, and Cowboys Nation is on red alert, our hopes would be seriously tied to one of these strapping young lads. I’ve eloquently dubbed the tandem DakleMoore.

Say that happens in 2016 – CALM DOWN IT’S JUST A HYPOTHETICAL EVERYTHING WILL BE OK I PROMISE –  the trials of the season force us to start Kellen Moore or Dak Prescott. What chance do they realistically stand here? What games could they quarterback us to victory?

Here’s my guess.

Game Could Kellen Moore Win? Could Dak Prescott Win?
NYG  No No
@ WASH  Yes Yes
CHI  No Yes
@ SF  Yes Yes
CIN  No No
@ GB  No No
PHI  No No
@ CLE  Yes Yes
@ PIT  No No
BAL  No Yes
WASH  Yes Yes
@ MIN  Yes No
@ NYG  No No
TB  Yes Yes
DET  No No
@ PHI  No No

Let’s discuss.

The Common Denominators: @WASH, @SF, @CLE, WASH, TB

Something that must be considered in everything from this point forwards is that whether Kellen Moore or Dak Prescott are hypothetically quarterbacking the Dallas Cowboys, they’re doing so with the services of fully healthy versions of Dez Bryant and Ezekiel Elliott at their disposal. Fair? Fair!

It’s quite simple to understand why either Kellen or Dak could beat the Redskins. It’s actually so simple that Matt Cassel did it. With a limited Dez. And no Zeke. I know we’re talking about Kellen and Dak here, but even you have a fighting chance against the Washington Football Club with this team.

Cowboys Headlines - Which Games Could Kellen Moore/Dak Prescott Conceivably Win In 2016? 2

What about the 49ers? What about them? At the culmination of the 2015 season they were one of the most disorganized teams in the NFL. They “solved” that problem by bringing in Chip Kelly. I bet they “solve” fires with gasoline, too.

The Browns are the Browns, although Hue Jackson has them looking a bit spicier than usual. Ultimately the Browns Factor will still weigh them down for a while so either Kellen or Dak could fare well in the Factory of Sadness.

I will say that the Buccaneers are starting to scare me. Jameis is for real and their receiving corps would make up a basketball team that might’ve put up a better fight than the Warriors on Sunday. Nevertheless defensively they just aren’t there yet. Remember that Cassel’s Cowboys almost beat Tampa Bay, and a Zeke/100% Dez hybrid would be enough to get it done this time.

Tell Me Moore, Tell Me Moore, Tell Me Moore

The guys and gals wanted Sandy Olsson and Danny Zuko to tell them more, but Cowboys Nation wants to see no more of Kellen Moore. Oh well, oh well, oh well.

What is Kellen Moore good at? Supposedly it’s being accurate with where he throws footballs, but those summer dreams were ripped at the seams in the winter of 2015.

Cowboys Headlines - Which Games Could Kellen Moore/Dak Prescott Conceivably Win In 2016? 3

Let’s assume that Kellen can recapture some of the insane accuracy his game boasted back in his Boise State days. What’s the old saying? Hit the guy between the numbers, right? The only numbers I want Kellen focused on if he’s starting for the Cowboys are 2-1, Ezekiel Elliott’s.

Kellen Moore can play a very Minnesota Vikings/Adrian Peterson type game against that very team, don’t you think? Moore is perfectly capable of staying in the pocket, turning around, and handing off to Zeke. Why isn’t Dak?

As a fresh rookie, Dak doesn’t have the pocket presence that would be required in this game. Why is it required? The Vikings have one of the most league’s most ferocious defenses and would keep him there. This game can only be won by Kellen in my estimation. There’s a sentence I never thought I’d type.

Dak, Dak, Dak, Dak, Dak

I have a few rules when it comes to movies, and one of them is that if Emilio Estevez is in it then it’s awesome.

Similar to the Mighty Ducks after they changed rose from the District 5 ashes, Dak Prescott is technically undefeated as a Dallas Cowboy. This is a case of how facts can be misleading, class.

Cowboys Headlines - Which Games Could Kellen Moore/Dak Prescott Conceivably Win In 2016? 4

Nevertheless up top I gave Dak exclusive wins over the Bears and Ravens. Why’s that? The dude’s got wheels, man! Dak can fly, not together like the Ducks, out of the pocket and make plays with his feet. Imagine him running a read option with Zeke?!

The Bears are rebuilding (rebearding? Yes? No?) and the Ravens had a similar 2015 to the Cowboys, but these are two defenses that Dak’s skillset lines up well against. Again, the majority of the work here would be done by a Zeke/Dez blend, but Dak is interesting enough to make the rest happen on his own in situations where Kellen couldn’t.


This, using this world loosely here, dynamic duo could very well be called upon when it matters in 2016. Two and a half months ago I took a look at Tony Romo’s “starting opportunities” relative to nine other quarterbacks and the data was alarming.

Can either half of DakleMoore get it done? As loyal members of Cowboys Nation, we have to hope so.

Which games do YOU think DakleMoore could conceivably win in 2016? Let us know! Comment below, Email me at, or Tweet to me at @rjochoa!

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