Why Cowboys’ Star Dez Bryant Could Be The Best WR In The NFL

The MVP of the Cowboys last season was WR Dez Bryant. He was by far the best play maker on the team and a legitimate threat to score with every touch of the ball. His outlandish speed combined with his 6’2 220 LB frame made and will continue to make him a havoc for opposing teams. Once he and Tony Romo got in sync last season, Bryant and Romo were arguably the best duo in all of football.

Since being drafted in the first round of the 2010 NFL Draft, Dez Bryant has progressed every year. In his rookie campaign he had 561 yards just last season he had 1,382 yards. His other numbers are continuing to sore as well. He has gone from six touchdowns in that 2010 season to nine the season following and then twelve last season.

In most people’s eyes Calvin Johnson (DET) is the best WR in the NFL. During his first three years with the Lions, his high in yards was 1,331. His touchdown rate was  the same as Dez too, with 12 also being his high. During those first three seasons Johnson averaged 15.8 yards a catch. Dez has averaged 14.4.

If Dez Bryant continues to progress, the same way Calvin Johnson did. There is not a reason to believe that Dez will be the best WR in the NFL. Bryant has matured greatly the past couple of seasons and God willing, he will become as good or maybe even better than another #88 that wore a star on his helmet. Cowboys nation can only hope that Bryant stays the course, works hard and does become the best WR on the planet.

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Written by Cody Edwards

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