If any of you reading this have read my work before, you would probably say I'm a homer. And that's not too far from the truth, but… I'm not totally a homer. When I see something, I'll give my on the situation and why I feel that way.

Folks, this article is going to be no different, well maybe a little. Many fans have high hopes going into this game against the Seahawks. Many think we can beat them and show them the Cowboys are the new top dog. Folk's, I'm not one of those people. I don't think Dallas has a shot in hell at winning this game. It's not often I say that about a led team. I've always felt that with Romo leading this team the Cowboys always had a shot.

This Cowboys team isn't on the level yet.

We desperately want them to be, as fans, but it's just not our time yet. I remember back in 1991, we had just been handed our own asses by the in the . I remember how young our team was and how awesome it was to have the Cowboys where they were but it wasn't their time yet. I remember my dad (who didn't keep up with football very much) telling me, “Those boys are a year away from making noise”.

My pop is a business man, so he knows a good thing when he sees it. He hadn't kept up with Cowboys football very much but he could see how things had changed in the short time that it did.

This is how I see these Cowboys now, except for having an awesome VETERAN QB in Romo, you could say this team – offensively – looks a whole lot like that team back in 1991. But here is the big difference. The 2014 Cowboys is not on the same level as that 1991 team. Don't get me wrong, the defense is way better than most expected. It's not surprising to me because I've called it since I started writing here back in January of this year. But as of right now, this defense has some problems that will keep it from taking that next step this season.

One of those reasons on defense being that the Cowboys have trouble stopping the run.

Coming into this game against the Seahawks, the Cowboys rank 20th in stopping the run; the ‘Boys defense allows a little over 120 rushing yards a game. Well guess where the Seahawks rank in rushing ? That's right, number one. The ‘Hawks average almost 170 yards a game.

It will help having back in the lineup, but it's the boys in front of Ro that are the problem. is playing well, but I feel he's best suited for pass rushing. isn't playing up to par so far, and I wouldn't be shocked to see or take his place. But, with what they have now, these guys can't stop the run.

Go back and look at every game the Cowboys have played. Each team was able to run over this defense. The Titans didn't get over a hundred yards but they averaged close to 8 yards a carry. The Rams ran the ball the way they wanted, the Saints got over a hundred as well, and the Texans ran the ball down our throat. I was thrilled when I would see them drop into a shotgun formation with 5 wide.

The Seahawks rely heavily on their run game, which they should. They have “Beast Mode” Marshawn Lynch running behind one of the better offensive lines in the league. They have a QB in who last week against Washington showed he can put up over a 100 yards rushing without a problem. And let's not forget Percy Harvin running his reverse sweeps.

All those weapons on the Seahawks' offense are going to be too much for this defense to handle.

So some of you fans might be thinking our offense isn't too shabby because our boys rush for over 160 yards a game. And you're right, the Cowboys' o-line is one of the best in the business, but they go up against the best team in the league at stopping the run.

Those dogs in Seattle barely allow a little over 60 yards a game. And how has this Cowboys team has been winning? On the ground. And what do the ‘Hawks do to help them win games? Stop the run.

This Cowboys team will not be able to run the ball in Seattle, which will lead to this team leaning on the pass entirely too much. And that's exactly what this Seahawks team wants other teams to do. They want teams to pass against their nasty and their intimidating .

Don't get me wrong, I know we have weapons like , , , , and , but Seattle's defense has someone who can match up with those players and not blink an eye.

My final reason why the Seahawks will beat the Cowboys is playing in Seattle – 19-1 including playoffs since 2012 at home. There is no other place in the league like CenturyLink Field in that respect. When those fans get going, they can literally make it feel like there is an earthquake going on. Those fans play a big part in why those guys haven't lost but once in the last 20 games played there.

I know anything can happen in sports. I've been around a long time and seen a lot of upsets and you wouldn't believe how much I want to be wrong about this.

But it's just not going to happen. The Seahawks will win going away 38-10.

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