Last night only further proved that the East is all but a trainwreck, with the Cowboys star shining on top at 2-0. The Giants got their first win, defeating a Redskins team that regressed to being, well, the .

Both teams are now 1-2, good for second in the division.

Sitting at 0-2 in the basement of the division is and the Eagles, who will look to avoid going to 0-3 on the road against a Jets that has forced five turnovers in each of their first two games.

As for starting to get something going – New York has allowed 197 yards rushing in total this season.

Cowboys Blog - Why Week 3 Is A Pivotal One For the Cowboys & Eagles 3
Chip Kelly trying to find running room for DeMarco Murray, Ryan Matthews and .

If the Eagles fall to 0-3, it may all but spell the end of their chances at the (Weren't they supposed to be a team this year?)

Since 2002, no team that is winless through the first three weeks of the season has made the playoffs.

Of  course, this means little if the cannot take care of business against the Falcons at home and move to 3-0. The difference between 3-0 and 2-1 carries a 20% difference in playoff likeliness.

A 3-0 start, with a 2-0 record within the East, would set the Cowboys up for a tough schedule run in the coming weeks.

After this week, they travel to the Superdome to face the Saints before returning home to host the Patriots.

A win would also build a lot of confidence in , to begin this stretch by having success against a formidable Falcons defense that has them at 2-0 as well.

Atlanta has beaten the same teams as Dallas, defeating the Eagles and Giants to get to this point.

Week 3 will be telling for the , as the Eagles must regroup or face a nearly impossible uphill climb. Meanwhile, and are smiling in the distance – planning their return and dominance of the division.

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