Will Darren McFadden’s Injury Cost Him His Job?

The Dallas Cowboys kicked off their mini-camp practices yesterday and the good news is that they nearly had perfect attendance, including a couple of players that decided to skip organized team activities (OTA’s) earlier this off-season.

Disgruntled offensive guard Ronald Leary asked for a trade from the Cowboys earlier in the off-season after learning that he will most likely be regulated to backup duties in 2016, but despite his trade request he was in attendance for the mandatory mini-camp.

Linebacker Rolando McClain also made an appearance for the kickoff of these mini-camp practices after he decided to skip OTA’s in order to deal with some family issues back in Alabama.

The attendance of these two players is encouraging because despite their status on the team, both players are valuable to the organization whether as a backup or as a starter.

Unfortunately, it seems every time there is some good news, there is some bad news to accompany it.

This could possibly be really bad news for Darren McFadden and his chances to stick with the Cowboys for the upcoming 2016 season.

The end of training camp is a long ways away and that is still a lot of time to miss in hopes of being ready for the start of the season. Of course, that’s if there aren’t any setbacks with his recovery.

It gives other players the to chance to step up and prove their worth, and it puts McFadden at a disadvantage of not being able to practice and get into football shape for the upcoming season.

Cowboys Headlines - Will Darren McFadden's Injury Cost Him His Job? 1The Cowboys truly value McFadden’s veteran experience and his leadership qualities. He has already taken rookie running back Ezekiel Elliott under his wing and tried to show him the ropes.

McFadden can still offer up his knowledge to Elliott, but it will have to be from the sidelines instead of on the actual field.

McFadden’s injury opens the door for former Washington Redskins RB Alfred Morris and sixth round draft pick Darius Jackson to prove that they are better options then McFadden and that they are worth keeping around.

The Dallas Cowboys knew that when they signed McFadden that he had his fair share of injuries throughout his NFL career, but this particular injury had absolutely zero to do with football. It was just a freak accident, but an accident that could be extremely costly for both McFadden and the Cowboys.

Brandon George on Twitter

Cowboys RBs coach Gary Brown said Darren McFadden fell Memorial Day weekend on his right elbow trying to keep from dropping his cell phone.

Really? I can’t really fathom how McFadden managed to break his elbow because he was trying to keep his cell phone from dropping.

I mean, was he on a second story balcony and jumped off landing directly on his elbow?

No matter how it happened, McFadden’s job may now be in jeopardy if the other running backs can distance themselves from him.

The fact the matter is, that McFadden was never really the best fit in the Cowboys zone blocking scheme, but he still managed to finished fourth in the NFL in rushing with 1089 rushing yards.

Now, you can contribute that to the Cowboys impressive offensive line or you can just try to give credit where credit is due and say that McFadden had a really good season. Of course, it could be a little bit of both.

I’ve said all along that I think it will ultimately come down to either Alfred Morris or Darren McFadden when it comes to final roster cuts. I just can’t really see a scenario where the Cowboys can afford the luxury of keeping two veteran running backs, especially when neither one of them contribute on special teams.

Unfortunately, that means that the writing may just be on the wall and that McFadden’s time with the Cowboys maybe coming to an end.

Do you think Darren McFadden’s job is in jeopardy due to his latest injury?

Please for free to use the comment section below to add your thoughts and opinions so that we can discuss this topic further.

What do you think?

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