Will Travis Frederick Take The Last Snap Of The Pro Bowl?

Travis Frederick is a lot of things:

  • Best in the NFL.
  • 3-Time Pro Bowler.
  • Possessor of the world’s most glorious beard.

While the last bullet point is certainly important, it’s the second one that’s relevant this week. “Fredbeard” as he’s known to Nation loyalists, is with his fellow Cowboys Pro Bowlers in Orlando as they get set to take on the AFC in what is the most meaningful meaningless game the NFL puts out every year.

Travis’ streak of three straight Pro Bowls began in 2014, when the really came into its own… thanks to the addition of Frederick’s buddy . Back then the NFL had no idea what it was doing and was still sticking with Team Irvin and Team Whoever as far as the Pro Bowl rosters were concerned.

Travis Frederick

Frederick was a member of Team Irvin, who just so happened to be coached by and the rest of the Cowboys Staff. Travis would go on to be a member of Team Irvin the following year in Honolulu, although Jason Garrett wasn’t the squad this time.

Team Irvin flipped the script for the final play of the 2016 Pro Bowl and had Travis take the snap and give the game its final knee. It was glorious and something that everywhere loved.

The Pro Bowl is what it is, but it’s fun when players and coaches do stuff like this because it shows that they are indeed having fun. Assuming the is on the winning end of things, one does have to wonder whether or not Jason Garrett will pull up a play from last year’s NFL’s All-Star game.

If Travis Frederick takes a knee in the Pro Bowl for the second year in a row then it officially becomes a tradition. Make it happen, Pro Bowl. Please. Thanks in advance!

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