With the Offseason Started In Dallas, Moves Can Be Made

We’re fans right?  And you know what fans love to do? Speculate.  That’s right, we love to believe we know everything and come up with moves we expect to be made before the beginning of the season.

You know what’s best? We believe those moves are actually going to happen and if they don’t then the team’s destined to fail.

See we’re all GM’s, myself included.

I often ask myself why no team calls me inquiring about my interest in a front office or coaching position.  Sure my resume is pretty blank but I mean heck, I’ve got a 717 IQ in Madden, I win tons of championships, and I write for a Cowboys site.

I mean Hello! Jerry, I’m right here!  Please inquire to hire!

Anyway, since my phone’s not ringing I thought that I’d give you my speculations for the upcoming season.

Sign Miles Austin long term: A no brainer right?  I mean this is my least ballsiest move.  This needs to get done and get done like yesterday.  Miles Austin needs to be locked up for at least 5 years to help Tony Romo get a ring.

Bottom line: No Miles, no ring.

Get rid of Bennett and Barber: Yea I’m getting real right here.  Bennett talks too much trash and his production is minimal.  He is the perfect equation for a team distraction. Plus, have you guys seen the way John Phillips plays ball? Get Real! In Barber’s case, he is still a great back.  However, we’ve got three great backs and Barber’s upside still makes him someone we can package into a deal before he starts wearing down.

Let Go of Marcus Spears: If there is a better 3-4 end in free agency, I say we nab him. The price of Spears may be high, but I’m willing to let him test the water if he gets greedy. All we need is a large hole-clogger, not a pass rush specialist.

Trade up in the draft: I am in love with Eric Berry from Tennessee.  He is a ball hawking safety with great range and he can change a game in a second.  If we can move up to the top 10 by packaging some players, we could nab him.

Start Breeding Keith Brooking Mini me’s, Pronto: Keith Brooking has been down right fantastic, hasn’t he? I mean from pep-talks to big stops to unmatched game intensity. So what’s the problem?

He’s coming into his 13th year.

I think he’ll stay for next year but we better start getting a blue collared middle linebacker who plays just as well as Brooking in reserve because, frankly, none of the wasted draft picks from last year are going to fill that void.

Draft Correctly: I want to see a few things happen here.  I want to see a safety taken. If not in the first round, then we’ll need to keep Sensabaugh.  I also want a middle linebacker, defensive tackle, and offensive depth to be addressed.

Pretty simple, I mean there’s no cap limit so take chances and maybe win big.

What do you think?


Written by Bo Martin

Former Sports Writer. Veteran. Serving veterans is my passion. Johns Hopkins Student. Enjoy Discussing Politics and sports!


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