Well, wouldn't you know it? For the first time all season, the will enter their upcoming game in good health. Minus one gigantic piece — , of course. So now these questions need to be asked: Is it too little too late? Is the rest of the season for pride or ?

The Cowboys currently have three players listed on their . The above mentioned, Romo, along with and who both managed to log full practices, had some interesting comments afterward.

Cowboys Blog - Wouldn't You Know It Cowboys Finally Getting Healthy 1
Mandatory Credit: Tim Heitman- Sports

When speaking with the media on Dallas Cowboys.com, Bryant mentioned that this is best that he has felt all season long. Dez has been limited in every practice since October; and to be honest, the results have, to a point, shown the lack of practice, health, etc. on the field.

If Dallas is going to continue with thinking of a playoff possibility, a healthy Dez will definitely help.

To most everyone's surprise, Mo Claiborne has arguably been the Cowboys' best corner this season. While Mo has not played the last two games because of a hamstring injury, he also mentioned in a recent that he was dealing with multiple ailments.

If Claiborne can, in fact, return, can return to his /do-everything role which in turn will greatly improve the Cowboys .

So, barring any setbacks before Monday night's matchup with the , it's your turn to tell me: Is it too little too late? Is this season being played out for pride or the playoffs?

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