Yao who ??

Along with being an avid follower of the Dallas Cowboys I also love me some Mavericks. So in the spirit of basketball season I see this as a perfect opportunity to write a piece on the Mavs. Unfortunately for me living in Houston all I get to hear about is the Rockets though it could be worse and I could live in N.Y. and have to suffer through watching and hearing about the worst team ever assembled.

Our friends over at The Dreamshake have a wonderful site dedicated to the Rockets (a must read), but I – being the smartass that I am – try to seize any and all opportunities to talk a little shit when I can but only in good nature. Well here in Houston its all Yao all the time except in those rare occasions when T-Mac plays (which he has played in two in a row now).

The Mavs and Rockets are very similar in a couple of ways, each teams most notable player are from another country ( Yao Ming, Dirk Dirk) and they both have dominant centers. Yes that’s right I said it Dominant centers! People can say what they want about who the leader of the Mavs is but I am here to tell you the undeniable Leader of this Mavs team is none other than Eric ” The best in the west” Dampier! I can here you now Lee & Dave (authors of The Dreamshake ) you think I am crazy right!! Well it just so happens I have Video proof of how much greater a player Damp is compared to Yao!

Yao does not have nothing on that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What do you think?


Written by Phillip Baggett


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