Youth of the Nation: Austin and Choice Emerge

Incase you’ve been stuck in a box, set a Dallas Cowboys franchise record by managing 250 receiving yards inSundays overtime win over the . As if that’s not enough, it seems that Austin is set to become the newest starter of the Dallas Cowboys.

all but confirmed it, according to Nick Eatmans latestet article entitled “Time for a Promotion?” Phillips said “He's going to play. I mean, he played 58 plays in this game and I'm saying he's going to play 50-something plays in the next game too,” Phillips said. “We're going to get him on the field. A guy has a game like that and shows that he can do the things we thought he could do.”

Austin however, has had a problem with consistency, but I doubt that’s anything experience can’t fix. The question might be: Who will he replace, Crayton or Roy? The answer is simple, Roy can’t play the slot. He’s not fast enough or versatile enough, and Crayton has produced well in the slot. Plus, You don’t give up all you gave up for Roy just to sit him, sorry guys.

That being said the Cowboys will finally have a good balance in the receiving corp. Roy is a bit of a possession receiver, and Miles can stretch the field. His ability will either get others open or produce big plays. You can expect 1 monster play from him a game I think, combine that with 1 from , and 1 good td from Romo and the other 2 backs (Choice, and Barber) I’m guessing that should produce at least 21 points a week, if utilized correctly. Not to shabby.

Time to Make a Choice?

I think has more then proven himself. He just needs more touches. Everytime he’s given a chance he’s productive enough to impress. Sunday was no different with a 36 yard touchdown run that sparked the and kept the game from getting out of reach.

His production means that he has earned his way into the rotation. It’s about having your best players out on the field during the game. Its really something that has to be felt out, not something that definite rotation can help, but you bet Choice has become our third legitimate weapon in the , the problem is just getting them all work. That’s not a bad problem to have.

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Written by Bo Martin

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