Are the Dallas Cowboys the Worst Team in the NFL This Season?

    I don't think anyone would've imagined prior to the start of the the would be in the running for one of the worst teams in the entire NFL. This is a team many believed had a roster talented enough to make a strong playoff push, yet here we are not even to the halfway point and it looks as if they'd be lucky to win another game this year.

    Based on their 2-5 record, strength of schedule, and standing in the division the Dallas Cowboys are currently the eighth worst team in the league right now. As such they would have a Top 10 draft pick in 2021, which could realistically end up in the Top 5 due to the historically bad football they've been playing this year.

    The 0-7 currently hold the distinction as the worst team in the NFL, but an argument could be made the Dallas Cowboys have a claim to that title. We can blame it on if we want, but the fact of the matter is they're just a bad team this year with little to no chance of improving in the second half of the season.

    Entering Week 8 the Cowboys will be without their top two QBs forcing them to start , a rookie seventh-round draft pick. That's not even mentioning all the injuries to their or the fact their is playing like one the worst anyone's seen in the era. Add it up and it's hard to imagine things getting any better.

    I'm usually all for optimism, but I think it's time we start being realistic about who the Dallas Cowboys are this year. There's really not one thing they've done well all year, which is why their season is circling the drain. Another loss to a division foe next week against the could all but put an end to their season and in so doing destroy what's left of the players psyche.

    The Dallas Cowboys are a team teetering on a knife's ready to fall into the abyss right now. There are of course a few more winnable games remaining on the schedule, however, it's going to take them playing better than they have been to put more W's in the win column. From what I've seen this year, I don't know if they are capable of doing that though.

    With all of that in mind, I think it's very realistic to believe the Dallas Cowboys are in fact the worst team in the NFL. The New York Jets may edge them out based on the win/loss records alone, but even I wouldn't bet on the Cowboys winning a head-to-head matchup. That's unfortunately how far they've fallen this season.

    Do you think the Dallas Cowboys are the worst team in the NFL this year?

    Brian Martin
    Brian Martin
    Level C2/C3 quadriplegic. College graduate with a bachelors degree in sports and health sciences-concentration sports management. Sports enthusiast. Dallas Cowboys fanatic. Lover of life with a glass half-full point of view.


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    Obviously a lot of people are down on our Cowboys, and with good reason. We have been pounded with bad news. Well, for a change, how about a little good news.

    Zack Martin, our best O-lineman, may practice on Wed.
    Joe looney is eligible to return, hopefully limited practice.
    This could help shore up our badly beat up O-line.

    Both Sean Lee and Chidobe Awuzie will get to practice this week.
    This could help shore up our “needy” defense.

    Still trying to stay somewhat positive.

    D Lee

    Yes they’re a huge VACCUM, from the top down.

    Stephen gregory

    Brian, you do a really good job and I think this article really tells it like it is. There’s no sugar coating this. It is a very bad team and it shows.


    There weak, ineffective and quitters. I’d fire everyone. Even lamb has gotten in on the act. Embarrassing. Have a little self esteem. And I agree whole heartedly, there the worst team in the NFL

    Stephen gregory

    Pete, totally agree. They look like they are mailing it in on this season.

    TJ Thomas

    Worst team in the NFL regardless of record. They’re an onside kick miracle from 1-6 and 2 Michael Gallup circus catches from 0-7… worst team yes. Would it be different if Dak were playing?? Most likely. We would be In real contention for the NFC East, but still a bad football team. THEY’RE QUITTERS!! Jaylon Smith has quit. Xavier Woods thinks he’s running races or something. The season is OVER.


    I have never felt like this before with a Cowboys team, but I do not care if they win another game. I want this team to succeed, but I feel we have come to a place in this season where the only way for this team to improve is hit rock bottom this year and play for draft position next spring. There are going to be a lot of holes to fill next year and they need the best draft position to do it. The defense needs to be completely rebuilt. The offense should be fine once we get the line back healthy and if Dak’s recovery goes well. The big question will be whether Jerry wants to commit long term guaranteed money to an injured QB. Depending on where they end up drafting and how the QB crop develops, Jerry may opt to save a ton of money and reset the team with a new franchise qb. Not a bad decision considering the line is solid and all the weapons are there to help a young qb succeed. I won’t be at all surprised if this is the route Jerry takes.

    Gary b

    Todd- Really good post! I agree this team is in rebuild mode and the way back will be thru the draft. Really good draft last yr and with the surplus of picks we have for next yr coupled with a high draft position, we should be able to reload that way. But with that said I would prepare for some tough yrs before it gets better.

    Regarding Dak- unfortunately thru the ineptness of our GM GM Jerry we aren’t in a good cap position. Had he not made some poor personnel decisions namely overpaying for Elliott and Lawrence along with bringing in alot of underperforming FAs we would be in a better position to sign Dak. But here we are with no easy answers. It’s likely we would need to be drafting in the top 3-5 spot to get a franchise type QB. Even then it’s no guarantee they pan out, as college QBs (even highly drafted one’s) have a high bust rate.

    Alot of tough decisions to make moving forward for this team. Unfortunately we don’t have a skilled GM to determine what those decisions should be. The smartest and most impactful move we could make would be to get a legit GM, but it ain’t gonna happen.

    Enright Scot

    Team? Yes. They are not a team. No leaders, spirit, toughness – they are missing all the qualities of “Team”. Talent does not circumvent these characteristics needed for a team. This whole org is a mess.


    I think they’re a bad team at the moment. Worst I’m not sure even though it looks like it. The problem is that there were so many expectations coming into the year. We need to remember the Cowboys changed Coaches. Also the Defense was bad last year. Apparently we’ve switched from the 4-3 to the 3-4.which we don’t have the personnel for. Scheme wise our guys aren’t smart enough to figure it out. 4-12 or 3-13 is more like our season. Is this a rebuild in the works. Trevor Larwence and Just Fields in the sweepsstatkes. Some say we don’t need a QB. Well you get the best player in the draft. Beside we have no idea if Dak can come back. But draft a defense!

    Jeff Miller

    Hi Brian,

    All the best from England as always;

    Has Will McClay any thoughts on this current malaise, he is oft heavily praised at draft time and stuff – his views would be interesting.

    Also I noticed that Anthony Hitchins, Damien Wilson and Taco are all playing for Kansas City now – they must be doing something right. Though I know Hitchins in particular was always very good for us.

    The young qb would have had a chance behind the o/line 12 months ago but it won’t be easy for him now