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Could CeeDee Lamb be Cowboys’ first triple-crown receiver?

The position is often called the diva role in an offensive system. Those players tend to be more high-maintenance.

Emotions can fluctuate, and frustrations go inward to outward if the doesn't satisfy them. With that said, front offices stalk , trades, and NFL drafts to retain one of those guys to elevate their offenses successfully.

Dallas has been fortunate over the years to draft that playmaker. The number 88 has been synonymous with excellence, even more so with the Cowboys.

When discussing fantastic football players, a few names always come up. I'm thinking of two hall-of-famers and another receiver who was at the top of his game.

. . .

These guys were incredible on the field and significantly impacted the football game. It was always exciting to watch those guys in action.

On the current Cowboys' team, one particular receiver stands out, as his exceptional talent, coupled with his strong rapport with his and the system he is a part of, has him primed for an outstanding season.

CeeDee Lamb is training to be a "YAC merchant" in has fourth season with the Dallas Cowboys 1

Talent alone won't get him to the Crown, but it's a start

The talent level and physical tools make an easy target to play the alpha receiver position.

The low-hanging fruit that A.J. Brown put out there is too enticing to pass up.

Lamb is one of the handful of number-one receivers that spend his time in the slot as well as in the outside. For the record Mr. Brown, CeeDee has played 594 snaps in the slot and 523 snaps out wide according to .

If anything, Brown is giving him a compliment and making a point all in the same tweet. The last triple-crown winner was none other than of the .

He did so by having the natural ability to play on the inside as well as the outside.

Like Kupp, Lamb is quicker than fast with elite body control and the ability to contort in ways that allow him to make acrobatic catches.

The other similarity between the two is that both receivers have a 6'2″ frame.

That physical profile allows him many of the same benefits to his game that Kupp had. The fade routes and jump balls will help undoubtedly increase his production.

Lamb is just entering the phase of his career where he understands how to use that frame to provide Dak an open target on a consistent basis. Entering his fourth season it should position him to have a large spike in his production.

Dak Prescott, CeeDee Lamb Have Built Quite the Chemistry in a Short Amount of Time

CeeDee will have his QB1 for the entire season, hopefully

Did you know that the connection between a certain receiver and his quarterback has produced some impressive stats?

According to Stat Muse, they've combined for 178 receptions, 2,402 receiving yards, and 15 touchdowns in just 32 games.

It's no wonder people are excited to see what this talented duo will achieve next.

It is also interesting to note that the impressive stats between CeeDee Lamb and would have been even higher if it weren't for , particularly on the side of the quarterback.

Unfortunately, Dak has missed 16 games since Lamb joined the league.

As the number two receiver in 2020-2021, CeeDee was still eating behind . A total of 111 in 2020 and 120 targets in 2021 sent his direction put him at 22nd most targets in the NFL in both seasons.

Fast forward to 2022, and that number has changed considerably.

One-hundred-fifty-six targets put CeeDee in the top five at the ripe old age of 24. Not to mention, the third-year pro knew what to do with the marks that came his way.

With Prescott ready to go in the , the expectations are those targets will continue to expand.

Dak's completions to Lamb have grown and will continue to trend upwards as they play more together.

Anything lower than 35% of the pass completions to Lamb would be criminal, but maybe just enough for him to wear that crown still.

Report: Dallas Cowboys pick up fifth-year option on receiver CeeDee Lamb

A #1 receiver is still a necessity even in a run-based offense

has told anyone who will listen that this improved will be more run-based to complement the . That's fair.

However, in most run-based offenses, you'll find a wide receiver who dominates the receiving stats.

This past season, the had a top-5 rushing yardage team, but I remember there were two high-producing .

Unfortunately, that will not be everyone's story.

If anything, that may be an anomaly but one that may repeat itself in 2023.

Newly acquired and a healthy will help open up this offense. Lamb should see consistent single coverages with a defensive focus on the and an outside receiver who can take the top off a defense.

During McCarthy's Green Bay tenure, his offensive play style led to successful results for the wide receivers.

In the year, the Packers highlighted Greg Jennings — 76 receptions for 1,265 yards and 12 touchdowns.

In 2014, hauled 98 receptions for 1,519 receiving yards and 13 touchdowns.

The hope for the and fans is CeeDee Lamb's ceiling, Mr. . His most productive year with Coach McCarthy was in 2018. He had 111 receptions for 1,386 yards and 13 touchdowns.

Granted, Lamb will need to exceed all the numbers mentioned above.

A lot of good play calling, health, and accurate passes will be required to get the triple crown and more.

2023 is the best year for a Dallas Cowboys player to take this award home, and CeeDee Lamb may be just the man for the job.

Jermaine Arvie
Jermaine Arvie
I currently reside in the Mansfield Texas area. I'm a huge Dallas Cowboy fan. Love to talk sports, love to write. Currently writes for Fansided and as well as Inside The Star.

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