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Should The Dallas Cowboys Sign QB Brian Hoyer?



Cowboys Headlines - Should The Dallas Cowboys Sign Brian Hoyer?

Rumors have circulated about the backup quarterback situation in Dallas, specifically regarding the possibility of bringing in Brian Hoyer. Some suggest the Cowboys, along with the Steelers and the Jets, are looking to sign him. Others suggest the Cowboys are not in the equation at all.

Brian Hoyer (30) was recently released by the Houston Texans after setting career bests in TD-to-INT ratio, 19:7, and passer rating, 91.4, as a nine game starter. The Texans tried trading Hoyer but got no offers - most likely because teams were willing to wait until he became a free agent.

The Cowboys need a backup QB that can step in and win some games if and when Tony Romo goes down. They may be pursuing Brian Hoyer, but is it in their best interest to sign him?

Yes, because…

Behind Tony Romo, the Cowboys currently have Kellen Moore and Jameill Showers as QB2 and QB3. Hopefully, after the draft, a rookie QB will be on that list as well. Brian Hoyer could be a serious upgrade as far as experience and skill level. Moore committed seven turnovers in three appearances, Hoyer had the same amount in 11 appearances. Showers showed promise in pre-season but it’s possible he may be used more as a special teams player.

I’m not making an argument for Moore or Showers to be, or not to be, the heir to the throne after Romo, although I’m sure an argument could be made. I’m saying right now they are just backups. If the Cowboys were to bring in Brian Hoyer then that would be all he’d be used for - only as a backup.

A backup QB is a must for the Cowboys, especially one who is prepared to see some serious playing time. Romo hasn’t played an entire season since 2012. He is bound to miss some time in 2016. The front men for the Cowboys may think Brian Hoyer can win some games in Romo’s absence.

Cowboys Headlines - Should The Dallas Cowboys Sign Brian Hoyer? 1

No, because...

The Cowboys already have two backup quarterbacks in Kellen Moore and Jameill Showers. Because they are already here and have budding careers as Cowboys, they could develop into quality backups, which makes signing Hoyer unnecessary.

More so, Scott Linehan, Cowboys offensive coordinator, has stated he is confident in Moore’s ability to be a QB2.

The Cowboys also wouldn’t want to spend a lot of money on Hoyer. Hoyer may argue that his 2015 career high stats constitute a starting-quarterback-sized paycheck. That’s something that could deter the Cowboys. Even a contract for a quality backup QB is not cheap. If the Cowboys were interested in Hoyer, they would make sure the contract they agree on gives them the ability to wiggle out of it if Hoyer proves to be worse than Moore.

Not to mention, the draft is coming up. The Cowboys are certain to pick a quarterback in rounds two and beyond in hopes to groom him into the future face of the franchise.

Hoyer joining the club, would give the Cowboys five quarterbacks on the roster: Romo, Moore, Showers, Hoyer, and a rookie.

Cowboys Headlines - Should The Dallas Cowboys Sign Brian Hoyer? 2

If Hoyer does wear the star in 2016, it’d likely be for one year. Ideally, I’d like the rookie QB to get the QB2 position, that way he can learn and see inevitable playing time for when he takes the reins down the road.

But on the other hand, Hoyer could still beat out Moore and Showers and be a reliable backup. He could also serve as another mentor to the younger QBs on the team.

Would it be in the their best interest to sign Brian Hoyer? Maybe at the right price.

I was born and raised in New York state's Hudson Valley and now attend school in New Jersey. Although I live in Montclair, my heart will always have a soft spot for Dallas, Texas. As an intern for Inside the Star, I now have a legitimate reason for the Cowboys to consume my life. Before, I was just a Cowboy fan with no life ... and very concerned parents. When I'm not writing about the Cowboys, I enjoy reading, seeing plays, creative writing, watching TV, and making my friends and family laugh. Follow me on Twitter, so we can connect on all topics related to America's Team. How 'bout em!

  • Randy Martin

    The media starts and fuels all rumors. Hoyers release didn't make a ripple in the Cowboys pool. Not one discussion in Cowboy camp on Hoyer. Move on nothing to see here. One thing to ask yourself…given that Houston NEEDS a starting QB why would they release Hoyer??? They don't have any confidence in him either.

    • Bryson Treece

      Don't the Texans have Brock Osweiler? Lot of people felt really good about him in Denver. My bet is Houston is willing to develop him as they go. As for Hoyer to Dallas… I'd actually prefer him over Moore or Showers, but the Cowboys will draft a QB this year and it'll be before round 5.

      • George Johnson

        I am not sure Hoyer could beat out Kellen Moore for 2nd team QB. I also don't think any QB in the draft could likely beat out K Moore in 2016 for the 2nd team QB. This is because Kellen Moore has several things going for him including 1) he knows the Dallas offense/playbook, 2) he has starting experience under the Dallas offense, 3) he has worked with S Linehan for two plus years and has S Linehan's confidence, 4) he has improved each year in the NFL and will be going into his fifth year, 5) he will likely improve/correct his deficiencies from 2015 (i.e. too many interceptions, not enough touchdown throws and not as accurate as he has been) since these are areas he has excelled at in the past. He had 142 touchdown throws and 28 interceptions in college which is close to a new NCAA record. He also had a 73% completion percent his last two years in college which is also close to a new NCAA record. With a few better plays in 2015 he could have won one game and possibly two. He is close to being a solid QB who could win some games if T Romo wasn't available. He should be riding high and confidently going into 2016. I wouldn't be surprised if he played as well or outplayed T Romo in preseason games.

  • Randy Martin

    Duh…totally spaced on Osweiler! That's not like me but perhaps it was a senior moment!

    • Bryson Treece

      haha Yeah, kind of old news now, ain't it?

Player News

Report: Raiders Sign Former Cowboys LB Kyle Wilber

Kevin Brady



Cowboys Headlines - Dallas Cowboys Re-Sign Linebacker Kyle Wilber

A Free Agency period filled with departures continued for the Dallas Cowboys today, as the Oakland Raiders have reportedly signed the now-former Cowboys LB Kyle Wilber.


The Raiders have signed LB Kyle Wilber:

Wilber has been with the Cowboys since 2012, and has played in all 16 games four of the past five seasons. Most of his time has come on special teams, but he did provide solid linebacker depth for the Cowboys since joining the team.

Dallas has now lost both Wilber and Anthony Hitchens, depleting their linebacker depth even further over the last couple weeks.

The Raiders have now signed two key special teams contributors for the Cowboys in Keith Smith and Kyle Wilber this offseason. Hopefully Dallas can replace these types of "replacement level" players throughout the rest of the offseason, especially during the NFL Draft.

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Report: Cowboys Officially Release CB Orlando Scandrick

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Orlando Scandrick

After requesting his release from the team just a few days ago, Cowboys cornerback Orlando Scandrick has gotten his wish. According to ESPN's Josina Anderson, Scandrick has officially been cut by the Dallas Cowboys.

Josina Anderson on Twitter

I'm told the #Cowboys have informed CB Orlando Scandrick he will be released, per source.

This move will reportedly save the Cowboys roughly $1.4M against the salary cap, as we hope they finally look to make some moves during the Free Agency period.

Scandrick's release comes after an offseason in which the Cowboys totally overhauled the back end of their defense, specifically their cornerbacks. With the emergence of young, promising players such as Chidobe Awuzie and Jourdan Lewis, and the health issues of the aging Scandrick, the move makes a lot of sense.

In fact, after the Cowboys drafted Awuzie in the second round of last year's draft it was rumored the Cowboys were looking to move Scandrick for extra draft picks. Instead, one year later, they have cut him to save some cap room.

Orlando Scandrick should have a market to find a new team elsewhere, but his time in Dallas has now come to a close.

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Dallas Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys Have Missing Piece at Offensive Line

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Dallas Cowboys Have Big Hole on Offensive Line
Tom Fox/The Dallas Morning News

There are a lot of positions being talked about right now for the Dallas Cowboys. Upgrades are needed at several spots, but one critical position needs even more than that. Left guard is completely unmanned, and that could be a big problem for the 2018 offensive line if it's not addressed soon.

Last year's starter, Jonathan Cooper, is currently an unrestricted free agent. So are backups Joe Looney and Byron Bell.

Right now, Chaz Green is the only other non-starter under contract who has any NFL experience at left guard. Nobody wants to see him on the field next year.

Dez Bryant may be a big topic but at least he's under contract. The same goes for safety, where we at least have options to turn to if free agency or the draft don't yield anything.

Left guard, though? The cupboard is bare.

La'el Collins' Position Flex Could Come in Handy for Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys OT La'el Collins

One option could be to move La'el Collins back to guard, where many feel he has the most upside, and then find a new right tackle. But that would be changing two positions to fill one hole, and Collins was playing well at tackle by the end of the year.

And obviously, we don't want to see Chaz Green playing that spot either. Or any spot. Ever.

No, at this point it makes sense for Dallas to leave Collins where he is and either sign or draft a starting LG. The question is how much do they want to invest?

The Cowboys are already shelling out big bucks to Tyron Smith, Travis Frederick, and Zack Martin. Even Collins counts about $7 million against the cap. They have three first-round picks already tied up in the offensive line.

Some thought veteran free agent Josh Sitton would be a nice option, but he got picked up by the Dolphins today for about $8-9 million per year. That's more than Dallas can afford given their limited cap space and other needs.

No, the LG in 2018 is going to need to be a salary cap bargain. That means either re-signing Jonathan Cooper or Joe Looney on the cheap, or perhaps paying a rookie salary to a high draft pick.

Last year's 19th overall pick, O.J. Howard, counted just $2 million against the Bucs' salary cap in 2017.

There are some older veterans who could be cheap band-aid options, such as Matt Slauson or Evan Smith. But you don't get very far down some lists of available guards before you see Jonathan Cooper's name, and continuity is always a plus.

The point here is don't expect any big move, even with the enormity of the need. Dallas will likely reach an agreement with Cooper after he's tested the free agent waters a bit, assuming nobody else scoops him up.

If not, the need at left guard will become increasingly dire the further we get into the offseason.

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