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Dallas Cowboys to be in White Jerseys for 14 Games in 2020

The have one of the more iconic uniforms in all of sports. The recognizable star on the side of the helmet stands out and is a symbol of the excellence the Cowboys have sustained over their 60-year . The other part of their uniform that has been unique through the years was the wearing of their white jersey and silver pants in home and away games.

While most teams seem to have a home and away uniform, the Dallas Cowboys have generally been able to wear their whites, which has generally been reserved from away games, at home and on the road. There's long been a belief that the Dallas Cowboys are jinxed when they where their navy jerseys, however, there isn't enough evidence to subscribe to this belief.

Obviously, what happens on the field matters more than the jersey a player is wearing on his back, but it's hard to ignore the history. Dating all the way back to 1968, fans have believed there to be a “jinx” surrounding the navy jersey.

“According to legend, the curse started during the 1968 NFL when the Cowboys were upset by the , ending what was one of their best seasons at the time. In 1971, the jinx gained popularity among fans when Dallas lost V to the Baltimore Colts after the team was forced to wear its blue jerseys due to being the designated home team after wearing the white jerseys all throughout the regular season and the playoffs.”

Shawn Ramsey, Fox Sports

In 2019, the Dallas Cowboys wore their navy jersey eight times and their white one eight times in 2020. Per Todd Archer of , the Dallas Cowboys will be in their navy uniform just once in 2020. They'll also wear their combination one time, on . The other 14 contests in 2020 will be in their standard white jersey and silver pants combination.

In 2019, the Dallas Cowboys were 4-4 in their navy uniform combination. They were 1-1 in the color rush combo and 3-3 in their white and silver pants combination. In 2018, they wore the navy jerseys three times. All three were losses. Week 1 at Carolina, week 7 at Washington, and week 9 vs the . In all other color combinations in 2018, the Dallas Cowboys were 10-3.

The Dallas Cowboys are set to embark upon a season that could see them as one of the most potent offenses in the NFL in 2020. Doing so in their iconic white jerseys for a vast majority of their games will make them look clean while doing so. The slate of teams they have on their schedule will lead to some really fun color combinations on game day. Here's hoping it translates to a bunch of wins and home-field advantage.

John Williams
John Williams
Dallas Cowboys optimist bringing factual, reasonable takes to Cowboys Nation and the NFL Community. I wasn't always a Cowboys fan, but I got here as quick as I could. Make sure you check out the Inside The Cowboys Podcast featuring John Williams and other analysts following America's Team.

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There’s a little more to the story. Essentially all NFL teams always wore their “color” jerseys when playing at home. Tex Schramm determined that by having the Cowboys wear their “whites” for home games instead, that the Cowboy fans would get to see other teams in their “color” uniforms. It was another of those Schramm concepts intended to enhance the fan experience. Only drawback IMO was that we rarely got to see the Cowboys in their “color” uniforms because they were almost always in “whites” on the road as well. This season will be like those “old days”.

The navy blue jinx was squashed quite some time ago. If you check those numbers prior to the Jones regime, you’ll probably find them lacking more. And it wasn’t even so much the win-loss record while wearing the “blues”, it was more that they lost big games wearing them. I believe both the Eagles and the Redskins made Dallas wear their “blues” in playoff games (both of which they ending up losing).

K. J.

I wonder what the Cowboys record is when they wear their clown uniforms (stars on the shoulders)? I bet it is not very good.

I like the white jerseys. 14 games = 11-3 record in those games.

Derrick Young

The blue jersey was jinxed in the ’80s cuz they couldn’t win nothing in the ’80s with them blue jerseys


I’ve watched since the mid 60’s. The Real Silver Pants and Blue Jersey looked best in 1971. Go back to Original Silver Pants,White Jersey, (occasional Blue Jersey) with no star on sleeve. And Please Please Get Rid of Color Rush BS and White Pants BS. Its Simple, Dallas shouldn’t have a throwback uniform. No Dallas Texans Uniform either.(Just, Silver Pants, White Jersey, & Occasional Blue Jersey). That’s it

William Hearn Jr.

Been a Cowboy fan for a long, long, time. Those damn Blue jerseys, the curse is true if seen the Boys come out in them and get blown away. I dont like the star on the shoulder pad uni either. Just wear the White Jersey and white pants.

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