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Is Rookie C Tyler Biadasz Cowboys’ Favored Travis Frederick Replacement?

Tyler Biadasz could be the favorite to replace recently retired Travis Frederick.

Determining who the Dallas decide to take over for as their starting center in 2020 could be as easy as playing a game of connect the dots. Luckily for you I’ve already done the groundwork, which is why I believe former Wisconsin Badger Tyler Biadasz could be their favored option right now and I’ll tell you why.

Before we get too far into this though, let’s meet the potential candidates to replace Travis Frederick. The Cowboys have a proven veteran in , an intriguing second-year player in , and a promising rookie in Tyler Biadasz. may be in the mix as well due to his versatility to play any position on the offensive line. An argument can be made for nearly every one of these players as Frederick’s replacement.

This is where connecting the dots comes into play. I know Joe Looney is the more experienced and proven player due to the fact he started all 16 games in 2018 as a Travis Frederick fill-in, but that’s not the way the game played out when I started connecting the dots. It pointed me more in the direction of Tyler Biadasz.

Tyler Biadasz
Dallas Cowboys C Tyler Biadasz

The Wisconsin roots run deep when I started connecting all the dots and ended up playing a pretty big factor in how this game played out. The first dot I connected was of course the link between Travis Frederick and Tyler Biadasz. They were both born and raised in Wisconsin and were both starting centers for the Badgers before getting drafted by the Dallas Cowboys. Pretty obvious, right!?

Well, here’s where things get a little bit more interesting. The next dot I connected was between Biadasz and . McCarthy has spent over a decade in Wisconsin as both the of the and as a resident. I can almost guarantee he’s watched the Badgers play more than a few games and knows all too well what his new rookie center is capable of.

The dots continued of course to connect when thinking back to the when Mike McCarthy was at the forefront of persuading the Dallas Cowboys to up for Tyler Biadasz. I don’t know about you, but that clearly shows at least a little bit of favoritism in my way of thinking. McCarthy clearly thought enough of Biadasz to push for a trade and ended up getting his way.

Now, I know all of this is strictly speculation on my part and things could play out in an entirely different way. However, Tyler Biadasz being the favored option to replace Travis Frederick isn’t out of the realm of possibility. Of course, the likelihood of that happening probably lessens the further along practices and the season gets pushed back.

Do you think Tyler Biadasz is a favorite to replace Travis Frederick?

What do you think?


Written by Brian Martin

Level C2/C3 quadriplegic. College graduate with a bachelors degree in sports and health sciences-concentration sports management. Sports enthusiast. Dallas Cowboys fanatic. Lover of life with a glass half-full point of view.

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  1. From advantage point when I saw Blake Jarwin he was behind the defense. At times he could not push the DE or LB on running plays. He was not called on very often to pass block. He had more separation on most of his plays than any receiver on the team. It sounds crazy, it was easier to hit Blake than anybody else, once he stronger , Blake will be a household name.

  2. True that Looney isn’t a stud and would serve better as a back up center/guard, which would be great for our depth. But he did start last yr and has familiarity with the rest of the o-line. You can’t underestimate how important continuity is on the o-line. I would be happy but nervous if Biadasz is handled the center job. However he is a true center and if he locks down that position we have our center of the future on a rookie contact, which is advantageous for many reasons. Look how many quality yrs on the cheap we got from Dak who was a starter his rookie season.

  3. I don’t see Williams as a potential fit at Center. Looney has the pro experience, but IMHO, he is more a backup than starter. That leaves McGovern and Biadasz. From what I have heard McGovern’s better position is Guard. So do we move him from his better position, when we just MOVED UP in the draft to pick Tyler, who probably slid due to injury concern.

    This pick may turn out be the best “steal” for the 2020 Cowboy’s draft. Rimington Award Winner as best Center in the Country. Outland Trophy Finalist. Unanimous First Team All-American. Giving up JUST 4 sacks in 1,082 pass blocking snaps in his career. I remember one Cowboy Olineman, a few years ago, giving up 3 or 4 sacks in ONE GAME. Tylee was a key cog in the offensive line that paved the way for RB Jonathan Taylor rushing for more than 6000 yards in three years, and breaking a number of NCAA records.

    I was hoping we would draft Tyler as a replacement for Frederick. One Badger for another. Wisconsin has a history of producing good to great College and NFL Olinemen. He was considered one of the top two or three best draft prospects at his position. I know some people don’t think awards are guaranties for success, but they certainly should not be seen as negatives. Our starting QB’s job just got easier. Good luck, Baby Beard.

  4. Though I generally agree with and understand Gary’s thoughts, I think this is one of the few OL’s in the league where a rookie can indeed step in and play because of whom they will be surrounded by. As you stated, Looney is a known commodity, so if somebody beats him out, then that player (whether the rookie or whomever) should perform well on this unit. I think what may separate all these guys is their ability to recognize, adjust, and make the proper protection calls in games situations. I will say that whomever gets the job should keep it … you don’t want to be rotating centers.

  5. Good article Brian but doubt the before mentioned factors will come into play. The center position at the NFL level is a difficult one to master especially for a rookie with a shortened training camp. As i previously stated I think they roll with the proven commodity in J Looney. Doubt they wanna start a rookie with so much uncertainty on the o-line. Looney provides needed continuity. I think they are will look for Biadasz to get stronger and acclimated to the pro game with plans to start him next yr

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