Jason Witten, Tony Romo Take Their Bromance Public

Yesterday, Cowboys tight end Jason Witten shared his thoughts and feelings about the retirement of Tony Romo and their long history together. Then his quarterback responded, and all of Cowboys Nation was given a special look at the brotherly bond that existed between these two all-time great Cowboys.

Posted on his personal Twitter account, Witten penned a beautiful tribute and farewell message to his friend and quarterback.

Jason Witten on Twitter: “14 Years / Twitter”

14 Years

Because Tony Romo didn’t take over the Cowboys’ starting job until 2006, it’s easy to forget about the years he spent on the bench. As Witten said, though, his relationship with Tony began back at their first rookie mini-camp in 2003. One can only imagine the joy that Jason experienced watching his friend rise to become the Cowboys’ starting quarterback three-and-a-half years later.

Not long after Jason Witten posted his letter,  Romo responded:

Tony Romo on Twitter: “You made football a lot easier for me because of your greatness…but you also made my life better by being in it. Gonna miss u the most 82 / Twitter”

You made football a lot easier for me because of your greatness…but you also made my life better by being in it. Gonna miss u the most 82

The relationships between quarterbacks and receivers, or tight ends in this case, is always intriguing. We have seen endless “chicken and the egg” debates about which guy made the other great. Sometimes it’s obvious, like when Donovan McNabb had a career year thanks to Terrell Owens.

For Tony Romo and Jason Witten, it’s always felt like the two elevated each other. For a decade we’ve watched them both show up in clutch moments. Their chemistry on the field was indicative of, and perhaps even enhanced by, their obvious personal bond and friendship.


Tony Romo, Jason Witten
Jason Witten and Tony Romo (Tom Fox/The Dallas Morning News)

This past week since Romo’s retirement has been full of reflection and feelings. We’ve had touching statements from Jerry Jones and Jason Garrett, various social media posts from other teammates, and the goodbye messages from Cowboys fans.

Through it all, though, we were waiting and hoping for something from Jason Witten. Just like on the field, Witten did not disappoint.

What do you think?


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