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Leighton Vander Esch Must Perform Well in Critical 2021 Season

When Leighton Vander Esch was selected 18th overall by the Dallas in the he was a virtual unknown, and the pick was much maligned by the of America’s Team and even some experts. However, Vander Esch turned out to be one of the steals of the draft as he recorded 140 tackles and received and Second-Team All-Pro honors.

After such an impressive first year in the pros, the expectations for Vander Esch’s play went sky-high as he became the spearhead of the Cowboys corp. His sophomore campaign started well with 51 tackles in the first six games which put him just a few tackles off of his pace, but then the tide started to change.

He suffered a neck stinger in Week 7 against the and would be sidelined for two weeks. He played in two more games, but landed on and had to undergo a “minimally invasive” procedure in January of 2020 to fix a nerve issue. His was a success and the expectation was for him to return to his rookie form.

Vander Esch was confident in his recovery.

“I’m not worried about my neck anymore. I don’t talk about it,” Vander Esch said in August. “It is what it is and people can think what they want to think about it.”

His neck didn’t give him any trouble in his third season. However, other parts of his body started to fail him.

The Cowboys went on the road to face the in the opener. Not only did the Cowboys lose 20-17, but they also lost Vander Esch for a significant amount of time after he suffered a broken collarbone. He returned in Weeks 6 against the logging 32 snaps. He almost finished out the season, but suffered an ankle in against the and missed the final two games.

Vander Esch now faces a critical fourth season in the NFL. As a first-round pick, his deal comes with a team option for a fifth year. The Cowboys have until May to pick up that option which would extend him through 2022, otherwise, he’ll hit the free-agent market after the upcoming season.

“The Wolf Hunter” as he’s called is using his recent injury woes as motivation for the , which he expressed after the Cowboys 2020 campaign ended against the .

“I’m going to train my frickin’ butt off this ,” Vander Esch said. “I’m not really going anywhere. I’m going home for two weeks and I’m coming right back. I’m going to be here training all the way through February, March, and April. That’s just what it is. I’m already looking forward to it. I’m on a mission, and I think all the guys should be too.”

The dedication and focus he has after back-to-back injury-plagued seasons are to be admired. Even with that being said, the question now is can his body hold up for him to get back to being an effective player. In football, as is the case in any sport, your best ability is your availability and Vander Esch has missed 13 games since his rookie year, putting him on a similar path as , whose injury has frustrated for a decade.

Only time will tell how Vander Esch’s future will play out in a Cowboys uniform. Whichever way it goes, it’ll depend heavily on what happens in 2021.

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Written by Matthew Lenix

I write dope stuff about the Dallas Cowboys and what not.

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  1. wow, so everyone blames the person for an ankle and collar bone break (yep, he told the other team to do those things, COME ON). Like he wanted those to happen, those are freak accidents that a player in the NFL expects in pileup etc.

  2. The simple fact he mentions “other guys should too” is worrisome for someone underperforming and incapable of staying on the field.

    What other guys are doing should be the furthest thing from his thinking.

    Especially, after he let MikeNolan down, who named him the starting MLB (which is super critical in a Hybrid-scheme)… and probably did not prepare/invest the time he spent w/LVE, in anyone else.

    He let the team down. Him and SLee need to stop pretending to be coaches and get thier butts on the field.

    Put-up or Shut-up!

  3. I like the mentality , only problem is that don’t matter if you can’t stay healthy , like the guy and we need more guys like him as far as mentality , but like I said , he need to stay healthy or none of that matters

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