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Mike McCarthy a Topic of Conversation Yesterday

The Cowboys has a competitive start to their season, with five of its first ten opponents being playoff teams from the . Colin Cowherd believes Dallas will be sitting around .500 by its matchup against the .

Yes, he talked about players and others, but he mentioned more than anyone.

He said if Dallas played the Rams tomorrow, he said of all the boxes you check, Dallas would have no shot. “You'd be praying he doesn't screw it up,” said Cowherd.

I have been on the fence about McCarthy and what he can do for the Cowboys. We saw it every week throughout last season, Mike McCarthy not calling a timeout when needed, or when he did call one, it was at an unorthodox time. When the Cowboys were rolling, sports talk shows had segments dedicated to how McCarthy would cost them a game because of this.

Yet, I sit here wondering if anyone out there could honestly be better than him right now. Only a handful of coaches do not get dished out regularly.

As of Thursday at 7:30 p.m. Todd Archer let us all know that for the second straight year, coach Mike McCarthy got fined for violating rules regarding practices, according to owner and .

As of Thursday at 7:30 p.m. Todd Archer let us all know that for the second straight year, Dallas Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy got fired for violating rules regarding offseason practices, according to owner and general manager Jerry Jones.

Archer said in a tweet the fact he has been covering the NFL practices since 1997 and, “there's nothing different from a Mike McCarthy practice to any other coach I've covered,” he said. “Other than not practicing, I'm not sure what else he could do.

As I was making this post, it became news, and although it is not a huge deal to me, I was hit with a notification when it became public.

I would give McCarthy one more year to prove it and see where he takes the Boys, and if it is nowhere, how much longer do you stick by him?

Shane Taylor
Shane Taylor
Cowboys fan from the Midwest. Writing is fun, Staff writer for Inside The Star. Follow me on twitter @ShaneTaylor43

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Cowboy Fan Ed

When Ole Mike came to town I was all in! Now that a few seasons have passed by I’m not quite as excited as before BUT I’m still hoping that he puts a product on the field that makes every Cowboy Fan happy and proves to us that he is the man for the job for years to come!! One thing that drives me crazy is a team that is Undisciplined and in my opinion that is an direct reflection on the head coach!


The descriptions of practice were obvious that they were too physical.
McCarthy is an undisciplined coach who runs an undisciplined team.
McCarthy got penalized by the NFL just as his team was the most penalized team.
Players play the way they are coached.

Lawrence C. Baker

Couldn’t agree with you more! Can’t wait for him to be fired. Just hope Jason Garrett Jr. (Kellen Moore) doesn’t get hired as HC.

Mr T

Dallas will be setting at .500 at the end of the season. Next coach up, Dallas will still be .500 just like every other season, as long as JJ owns the team.

Lawrence C. Baker

Unfortunately Mr. T. You’re absolutely correct. And while we’re at it, let’s not forget about idiotic Stephen Jones too! Here is by far the worst two guys in a front office situation in the NFL period. Stephen is busy pinching pennies and Jerry is busy making mistake after mistake. You just wonder if the Cowboys will ever until the end of time, win another Super Bowl.


What exactly is a “TOO PHYSICAL” PRACTICE. Don’t you want your team to be PHYSICAL? This is probably something relatively new, because Jimmy Johnson would have been fined every year. I guess it has to do with not getting these high priced players injured early on.

Sounds and looks to me that some of these TV sport pundits are putting out opinions that will make them look good IF their “guesses” somehow materialize. They and some fans have McCarthy fired midway in the season, and we’re in June. Kind of premature, IMO. In the end, the thing is they can’t fire the players, especially the high priced long contracted ones, so one or more of the coaches usually take the fall.

El Schungo

“Dallas Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy got fired for violating rules regarding offseason practices,”-

He got fined, not fired.
Within this article, a small but important difference

Lawrence C. Baker

Great observation! Why hasn’t this fat ass clown been fired? He strikes you as not real smtart at all. Kind of a dull-normal kind of guy. Someone never to be trusted with ANYTHING important. And along comes the rescuer of idiots everywhere; Jerry Jones! See (Jason Garrett) as proof positive. The only thing that scares Cowboys fans is that I’d McCarthy is axed, stupid ass Kellen Moore will get the job!!!

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