Off-Season Progress Report: The Non-QB Players

It’s that time of the week! No not The Big Bang Theory, time for your update of Cowboys goodness!

We’ve had a busy week here at Inside The Star. Last week quarterback, specifically Tony Romo and what’s circling that position, were the hottest topics; however, this week we deviated from that.

The Cowboys will have certain players in contract years through the 2016 season. Staff Writer Sean Martin takes a look at Darren McFadden, Gavin Escobar, and Travis Frederick to see which of them has the heat turned up the highest on their situations.

Cowboys Blog - Off-Season Progress Report: The Non-QB Players

All of that goes hand in hand with what the Cowboys are going to need to do in the upcoming bits of the offseason. What positions are they going to address in free agency and the draft? Where are the points of weakness? Our own Tommy Simon takes a look at that in parts two and three of his analysis on which areas of the team need improvement.

In case you missed it, SEAN LEE IS GOING TO THE PRO BOWL!

This is a big deal as “The General” has been well-deserving of the honor and is finally headed to Hawaii for a good ‘ol time.

Lee won’t be alone in the land of Lennay Kekua, though. Travis Frederick, Zack Martin, and Tyron Smith (plus Dan Bailey) will also be representing the Cowboys at the Pro Bowl. No discredit to Bailey, but the linemen are as much of a slam dunk of a Pro Bowler as you can be. This point was emphasized this week when Pro Football Focus ranked the Dallas Cowboys O-Line as the best in the business for the 2015 season (the Cowboys also graded number one in 2014).

Of course none of these accolades would be possible without great coaching. Staff Writer Nick Cocchiaro proudly pounded the table for why the Dallas Cowboys and their fans need to hunker down with the red-haired magician. Stick with JG, Cowboys Nation!

Garrett and his guys will be headed to Mobile, AL next week to coach the players in the Senior Bowl. You can check out who exactly is on their roster right here thanks to Staff Writer Sean Connery, I mean Martin!

Cowboys Blog - Off-Season Progress Report: The Non-QB Players 1

Make sure and listen to this week’s episode of Cowboys Cast. The guys talk about looking back on past Cowboys, the idea of sticking with Coach Garrett, and host Bobby Belt interviews the sensational Dan Turner to talk about the upcoming linebackers in this year’s NFL Draft.

The Senior Bowl will be a white hot topic next week so make sure that you’re following Inside The Star and all of us for great content regarding it. Until next time, live long and propser. Huzzah.

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