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Quick Fix: Cowboys Offense Needs More Help at OL or WR?

As the begin to turn their attention towards and the , talk of moving on from high profile players like and could create major roster needs this offseason. The Cowboys will also see starting LG hit free agency, with midseason shuffling on the derailing the high-scoring the Cowboys played early in the year.

The Cowboys know their best path towards taking another step up in 2022 is not only fixing this offense, but having it take another step towards being the consistent unit that can win them games. and offensive line are two position groups the Cowboys have drafted well recently, and both are in need of upgrades before the .

At WR, the Cowboys have a decision to make on not only Cooper but pending and Cedrick Wilson. didn't take the type of leap in year two to show he can be a top-end WR1, giving the Cowboys reason to not only re-sign at least one of these starters but continue adding talent around QB Dak Prescott.

The Cowboys will have a new WR coach to help make decisions at this position, bringing in a coach with ties to OC in Robert Prince. A weak point in Moore's offense was scheming easy completions for his receivers, making the loss of any target that Prescott already has chemistry with that much harder to deal with.

Much of the same can be said about the Cowboys OL situation, where remains in place as coach. Losing Connor Williams would leave a void at , with in-house options or to replace him. Terrence Steele is the reason the Cowboys may consider moving Collins, turning himself into an above average starter at this season. Of course, Steele can't fill in at both tackle spots, giving the Cowboys more to think about with managing 's availability. The team also doesn't know what they have in Josh Ball, a rookie OT that took a redshirt year in 2021, or as a potential replacement to .

Prescott isn't the only that plays his best from a clean pocket, but protecting their franchise QB has to be a priority for the Cowboys entering the second year of his new deal. Not expected to be big spenders in free agency, given their cap situation and under , it may be more likely they address OL here before WR.

Holding the 24th overall pick in the , the Cowboys also have other needs to address before considering another receiver. is a strong position group in this class, giving the Cowboys later round options to bolster the .

By doubling down so early in the offseason on and Kellen Moore, the Cowboys are on the same page for what their offense needs to look like in 2022. The has made it clear the season-ending loss to the 49ers should have ramifications into next year, and watching their OL get dominated should make a retool up front this team's priority. Doing so at the cost of putting more pressure on Prescott to complete passes to lesser receivers would be the wrong approach, but through free agency and the draft the Cowboys will have a chance to hit on talent at both spots.

Sean Martin
Sean Martin
Born January 28th, 1996- Cowboys Super Bowl XXX. Point Boro Panther, Montclair State Red Hawk, and most importantly a proud member of Cowboys Nation! I host "Upon Further Review" on 90.3 WMSC FM and every Friday from 1-4 PM ET. Twitter: @SeanMartinNFL.

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Don’t forget to add drafting or trading for a quarterback.

Jeffrey Tuggle

And a stud DT which has been needed for over a decade. Usi may develop well but he will never be a run stuffer.


OL needs more help than WR. While we may be unsure of the depth at WR (Turner on a cheap deal, Fehoko, Vasher, Brandon Smith), we’ve seen the depth on OL, and outside of Steele and maybe Farniok, it’s not good.

Ball is an unknown, but he wasn’t exactly lighting it up in camps.
Alarcón, a 6’7″ T, was already being moved to G in preseason.
McGovern got benched for a terrible Williams during the season.
Braylon Jones was horrible in preseason.
Hyatt was never good and is now gone.
Aviante Collins has been in the league for 4 years with one start, in a meaningless final game of the season. He was undersized (<300lbs) coming out of college and has been injured most of those 4 years (torn bicep, leg).

Depth at WR will likely get more snaps on ST’s than on offense. OL depth has a better chance of being needed on offense with a decaying Tyron, UFA and ineffective LG, struggling Biadasz, treading water La’el, and a still elite, but 31 year-old and increasingly dinged up Zack Martin.

Give me OL early and often this draft. If they happen to pick up a WR very late, so be it. Luckily, there appears to be good depth at WR throughout this draft.

Isaac Figueroa

OL is definitely the bigger issue!!!
I suggest moving Collins back to Left Guard (he’s just a better guard then he is tackle) and put Steele back at Right Tackle or let training camp decide the RT position

Chuck Wright

While OL is an issue, the #1 problem with the offense is the OC who is clearly out of his depth. It is no accident that as the season wore on, opposing DCs had figured him out and he cannot adjust. As the pressure rose, his playcalling became more conservative. To say nothing of his poor route trees. For much more evidence, youtube Kurt Warner Dak. Easy to see why Warner is in the Hall of Fame, somewhere Dak nor Moore will ever be.

Tommy Davis

You folks just don’t get it, Dak Prescott is not the problem, he was ranked near the top of every offensive category for quarterbacks even with sub par offensive line play, poor run blocking, terrible pass protection and NFL high in penalties. A bigger, stronger left guard, possibly Lael Collins would help tremendously, move Steele back to right tackle and get a good backup for Tyron Smith. These steps will enable Kellen Moore’s play calling to work, just like it works whenever the offensive line is not being bull dozed into Dak Prescott causing sacks, hits and enormous pressure. The Cowboys averaged 31.2 points per game and had the NFL’s top rated offense even with Tyler Biadasz, Connor McGovern, and Connor Williams all opening the pearly gates up the middle of the o-line when ever they faced 325 to 350 pound defensive tackles. Take these three out of the mix and you fix the Cowboys offense. Also if they let Cooper go, they better make sure they get a darn good replacement, although Cooper has reverted back to showing disinclination, the same lack of effort that caused the Raiders to trade him to the Cowboys, his skillset is still star quality and he demonstrates it when he’s motivated to do so.

Cowboys fan

I agree with you 100%…. The only thing I have to disagree with is that Kellen Moore won’t be any better even if we have a better offensive line!! So I think we need to switch to Mike Mccarthy calling plays, or at least get him involved in the play calling, Kellen Moore has just been another Jason Garrett lately with his conservative play calling and we won’t make it anywhere like that!! Mike Mccarthy can bring a whole new scheme to the offense, and he knows how to get the star receivers the ball!! I don’t believe Amari Cooper was showing a lack of effort, I just think it was Kellen Moore that couldn’t figure out how to get him the ball!! That’s why Cooper went to the media and complained about not getting the ball enough!! So I think Jerry and Stephen need to quit talking about letting Cooper go and they need to talk to Mccarthy about finding a way to get him the ball more, cause Kellen can’t seem to figure it out!! Cutting Cooper would be a big mistake…. For one they would be cutting their number one receiver and the biggest thing is that if they cut Cooper, that would leave us with just Ceedee Lamb and semi fehoko on the main roster, and fehoko didn’t even have a catch the whole season, cause he wasn’t good enough to get any reps on offense!! So technically Ceedee would be the only proven receiver on the roster!! And that’s not good…. Especially considering how he also disappeared towards the end of the season!! We need Cooper and that’s all there is to it!!


Moore is Linehan-lite. Capable of looking multiple, but incapable of truly being multiple. And as you nailed it, neither has shown the ability to adjust. And Moore is now entering the time where youth and/or inexperience no longer holds water.


OVERDUE time to draft a REAL, promising QB and light a fire under DP’s ass. He has had almost ZERO COMPETITION for his tenure w/Cowboys, (Rush, DiNucci, Gilbert, and a decent, but done Dalton). Should have been done two years ago.

Cooper complaining, CD disappearing, MG being overthrown constantly. Because DP is constantly checking down to DS, his SECURITY BLANKET.

Look, Burrow was sacked NINE TIMES, but still won in his playoff game against the favored Titans, and now playing in the SUPER BOWL, IN HIS SECOND YEAR in the league. Time to stop making excuses for this overrated, overpaid guy and wake up out of the DAK COMA.

QBR ranked 17th before that last “game” of the season, the Philly FARCE. He had a QBR of 27 in the 49er playoff game and had just 104 passing yards for first three quarters. The most egregious stat was 7 TOTAL YARDS gained in the first quarter. NOT POINTS, YARDS!

ONE PLAYOFF WIN IN SIX YEARS. Fans deserve better.

Lawrence C. Baker

The Cowboys might want to consider replacing overrated Kellen Moore’s ass with a more innovative OC. He best the Cowboys in that playoff loss to the 49’ers more than anything else. Forcing the run game with Elliott who was injured already. How stupid or stubborn can you be??? The fact that no other team hired him with so many openings, should tell the Cowboys all they need to know about him.

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