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Cowboys Headlines - #RJOShow Ep. 12: NFL Films Talk With Senior Producer Paul Camarata

This week the #RJOShow is all about NFL Films. I'm a big fan, admirer, and researcher of … and part of my process includes the many great works of .

It was about five months ago that I had the pleasure of interviewing one of the esteemed leaders of Sabol's Army, Senior Producer Paul Camarata, when he and I chatted about the “A Tale of Two Cities” episode of The TimelineWhen the subject of NFL Films came up I knew that he was the brain to pick on the matter.

Paul joins the #RJOShow to talk about the process that goes into an NFL Films project. He uses The Timeline episode revolving around The Merger as a great example of just how it all goes down.

My personal favorite part of the episode, and of the #RJOShow to date, is when Paul and I talk about the lasting legacy of Steve Sabol on NFL Films. It is through the vision that Mr. Sabol had long, long ago that we are all able to football the way that we do today.

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