Rumor Mill: Jalen Ramsey #1 On Dallas Cowboys Draft Board

There are a few key indicators that we are in “offseason mode.”

  1. There is no football on Sundays.
  2. I run more (gotta burn off all that football food).
  3. The rumors are hotter than flower shops this week (GUYS: STOP READING FOR A SECOND AND ORDER YOUR SIGNIFICANT OTHER SOME VALENTINE’S DAY FLOWERS… you’re welcome).

Rumors aren’t dandelions or rhododendrons (totally had to look that up for spelling purposes…), but they can be fun to think about (like a Super Bowl for Eagles fans).

The latest rumor off the press hit Cowboys Nation yesterday when NFL Draft Analyst Tony Pauline dropped some rhododendrons (it’s just so much fun to type) of his own.

Tony Pauline on Twitter

Draft News & Notes 1.0: The #1 player on the Dallas Cowboys board? Jalen Ramsey/CB/Florida State

You can obviously click the link in his tweet to read exactly what he said (although he didn’t remind you to get a Valentine’s Day gift… I’m just saying), but the tweet says all you really need to know.

It’s pretty shocking to think that the Cowboys would leak out who their top rated player is, but even if they did… announcing that you like Jalen Ramsey as a football player is about as shocking as announcing that Whataburger is the best food in the world (I will fight you over this).

Cowboys Blog - Rumor Mill: Jalen Ramsey #1 On Dallas Cowboys Draft Board

The Cowboys have a lot of work to do in their defensive secondary considering the position is in so much limbo right now that it doesn’t even have a coach!

They’ve got to make a decision at the corner position with Brandon Carr and Morris Claiborne, but the thought of Ramsey paired with last year’s rookie standout Byron Jones as the safeties is one of the sweetest sounding things I’ve heard in a long time.

You surely know by now that I am extremely anti-quarterback with the 4th Overall Pick and, if rumors are true, the pick will hopefully be spent on Jalen Ramsey… so I’m thrilled by this. You don’t have to look farther than the Super Bowl from four days ago to see how much a stout safety can impact things. Wasn’t it hilarious how much intercepting Cam Newton took TJ Ward to the ground?

There are a boatload of guys that the Cowboys will be considering at numero cuatro. If my math is right the 4th Overall Pick means that there are only three guys who won’t be accessible to them. The rumor fairy does quite the dance in the offseason and right now it’s walking around telling people that the Cowboys just hope Jalen Ramsey isn’t one of them.

RJ Ochoa on Twitter's Periscope TV

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