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How Tony Romo Helped Jason Witten Stay Focused Under New QB in 2016

to . You shouldn't be able to read this without smiling and thinking of so many fond memories.

After breaking into the together back in 2003, the two became an unforgettable combo for 649 receptions and 37 touchdowns all with America's Team. Witten has been the unrivaled professional in his worth ethic – one that will land him in Canton someday – for 15 years with the Cowboys, still going strong after being so influential to Romo's development, along with that of 's.

The Cowboys' was a lot of things, but great for relationships that Tony Romo had formed is not one of them. Rookie sensation Dak Prescott took over the team and carried them to 13 wins, of course leading to Romo's and transition into broadcasting.

In his final season with the Cowboys, Romo reportedly told Jason Witten to not, “allow my situation to get in the way of what was happening to this football team”. Jason's reaction to this was to continue competing at the highest level, but he admitted to thinking about what Romo's retirement meant for his own future.

Jason Witten, Tony Romo Take Their Bromance Public

The future couldn't be brighter for the as a team right now, as they chase a ring with Jason Witten still firmly atop the at . It also appears that, thanks to some admirable professionalism from Tony Romo as well, this amazing relationship between QB and TE has a bright future in a different light now.

Each and every offseason, essentially holds their breath awaiting the potential news of a Jason Witten retirement. This retirement has come first for the he owes his successes to, leaving #82 more motivated to ever to finish what him and Tony started.

Sean Martin
Sean Martin
Born January 28th, 1996- Cowboys Super Bowl XXX. Point Boro Panther, Montclair State Red Hawk, and most importantly a proud member of Cowboys Nation! I host "Upon Further Review" on 90.3 WMSC FM and every Friday from 1-4 PM ET. Twitter: @SeanMartinNFL.

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