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Emmitt Smith reigns as top Cowboys running back

Earlier this week we carved the four faces that belong on the Cowboys’ Mount Rushmore of Quarterbacks. Picking the final four was more than just looking at the stats. So when it...

Cowboys TE Jake Ferguson has an Underrated Legacy to Live Up To

The Dallas Cowboys don't take assigning players' jersey numbers lightly. For rookie Tight End Jake Ferguson, wearing the number 48 comes with special meaning as he hopes to prove as valuable to...

Who Is Your Favorite Dallas Cowboys Player?

The Dallas Cowboys Jason Witten Daryl Johnston

Dallas Cowboys Need Daryl Johnston Type Fullback

Who is your favorite all-time Dallas Cowboys football player? I know the answers will vary depending on how long you've been a Cowboys fan or what decade you may have grown up in, but to me fullback Daryl Johnston is probably my all-time favorite. I was just six years old when the Dallas Cowboys decided to select Daryl Johnston in the 1989 NFL Draft, with their second round selection (39th overall). I was just beginning to get a really good grasp on the game of football and started paying closer attention to what was going on when I was watching the games on TV. I remember distinctively how my attention continued to gravitate towards #48 as the years progressed and the Cowboys began their journey to becoming one of the most dominant organizations during the early 1990s.

What is Dallas’ Future at Fullback?

Where did fullback rank among your biggest offseason concerns for the Cowboys? I doubt it was anyone's top five. What about your top ten? Was it somewhere between the sixth cornerback and backup...

Moose Season: Daryl Johnston Owns #48

Daryl Johnston contributed to 3 Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl victories, helped the fullback position gain respect, and -- as his primary responsibility -- paved the way for the great Emmitt Smith, for whom Moose blocked all the way to the Hall of Fame.
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