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NFL Draft

2018 NFL Draft: 3 Players Cowboys Should Avoid In Round 1

Kevin Brady



Sean's Scout: Florida DT Taven Bryan A Disruptive Target for Cowboys

The first round of the 2018 NFL Draft is now just under 3 weeks away. And while draft boards are being finalized and media mock drafts are published, certain players continue to find themselves mocked in the first round - whether they truly "deserve" it or not.

There are three players in particular who have been pushed up mock drafts as of late, mostly due to their athletic and combine profiles. While I like these three players in a vacuum, I would have issues with the Cowboys taking one of these players 19th overall.

This doesn't mean that I think these players are bad prospects, simply that they should not warrant a first round selection from the Dallas Cowboys.

Florida Gators DT Taven Bryan

A favorite among Cowboys Twitter, Florida Gators defensive tackle Taven Bryan has earned first round grades from some prominent draft writers. While I like Bryan's game as well, and believe he can be a solid NFL player, I would not be comfortable taking him 19th overall.

Taven Bryan has an elite first step and plays explosive off the ball, but his pad level, hands, and ability to play with leverage are all suspect. He is a balanced and smooth player, and tested within all of the Cowboys' defensive tackle thresholds, but I like a few other defensive tackles more than him in round one.

In a perfect world the Cowboys could snag Bryan 50th overall, but that seems highly doubtful with the way most believe the board will fall. Still, I think I would stay away from him in round one, especially if someone like Vita Vea is available.

Boise State LB Leighton Vander Esch

Another fan favorite, Boise State linebacker Leighton Vander Esch is finding himself mocked to the Cowboys in round one often, but I'd advise against it. While I don't have Vander Esch graded as a first round player, my concerns with this pick have more to do with taking any linebacker not named Roquan Smith or Tremaine Edmunds this early.

In my opinion, the value a player like BYU's Fred Warner would provide later in the draft outweighs that of Vander Esch in round one. While the Cowboys definitely have a hole to fill at linebacker, I'd rather someone like Alabama's Rashaan Evans at 19 over Vander Esch.

Above all, as I've discussed before, grabbing a bully on the defensive line or a starting left guard in round one seems more important to me than taking a linebacker or wide receiver. And, of course, that opinion covers Vander Esch as well.

UCLA OL Kolton Miller

Kolton Miller's draft board rise makes next-to-no sense to me. When I watched him on a film, I saw a day-three project that could be worth a fourth or fifth round pick. But due to his measurables and perceived ceiling, Miller has been mocked as high as the first two rounds.

The Cowboys aren't necessarily in the hunt for a first round tackle anyway, but a player in Miller's shoes could intrigue them. Tyron Smith has had some health issues the past few seasons, and some questions still surround La'el Collins' ability at right tackle.

These uncertainties could lead the Cowboys to target a developmental tackle late in the draft, or possibly even value someone like Notre Dame's Mike McGlinchey in round one. Either way, Kolton Miller is not the tackle I'd be drafting.

It appears that if you want Miller on your football team you may have to spend a top 50 pick to get him, and there is no way I would advise the Cowboys to make that move.



  1. Chuck Wright

    April 6, 2018 at 4:57 pm

    Could not agree more. . .since Dallas does not value a 1 Tech and since several are there in rounds 2-4, barring a bigtime stud sliding, I’m hoping for a trade back (NO/NE/Pitts all covet Mason Rudolph for example) and adding another 2nd (which is what the value would be).

    Then take BPA from LVE, Will H, R Evans etc.

    Take top S with 50 and Top TE with 81.

  2. Brien Pritchard

    April 6, 2018 at 6:30 pm

    Taven Bryan is the real deal.. Comparing to JJ watt. You are right on some of his flaws but those flaws are easily coach-able.
    I see a scenario where we trade down a few spots and take him.. then back up for esch.

  3. Tommy Davis

    April 7, 2018 at 9:03 am

    Excellent column Kevin, you’re absolutely right on, where I would disagree with you is taking a guard at pick #19. The Cowboys need a player who can make a major impact right away, ala Vita Vea, the linebackers you mentioned and in my opinion , D J Moore. Rashaan Evans is the third linebacker that would make an impact right away. The guard position can be shored up by moving Collins back to guard where he was outstanding before moving to tackle last year. The recently signed Cameron Flemming is an excellent tackle and he can take over Collin’s tackle spot. This should really improve the offensive line play.

  4. Keith Jones

    April 7, 2018 at 3:14 pm

    Sorry I have to disagree with you about taking R. Evans over L. Vander Esch evans doesn’t measure up to his college size in our defense I rather have size then not have it that goes for R. Smith or R. Evans Leighton Vander Esch should be our first overall pick but that’s if he’s available now because some analysts have him going early

    • Tommy Davis

      April 7, 2018 at 8:49 pm

      I guarantee you he will not go early, probably not in the first round at all, oh by the way, Alabama and Georgia played in the National Championship, the top linebackers were Evans (Alabama) and Smith (Georgia). This is a no brainer for smart GM’s, but for those who use their heart and not their head like Dallas has a tendency to do, I would not be surprised if they make another Taco Charlton like decision.

      • Keith Jones

        April 7, 2018 at 9:06 pm

        Yes You’re Right About R. Smith & R. Evans playing in the national championship game but because they played in that game doesn’t make them a lock in the NFL or being drafted 19th overall by Dallas Cowboys for a fact R. Smith will be gone before that pick but if I was the GM I wouldn’t draft him for my team is my reason nor R. Evans to me the best option for us is Leighton Vander Esch at 6″4 256lbs combine with his speed, athleticism, quickness, length & raw ability in the middle of our young and athletic defense is what I am look forward to because of vast experience and knowledge states we need a bigger middle linebacker case in point remember Rolando Mc clain he played the position best he used his size and our defense was in the top ten yes Mc clain had his issues but our Defensive Coordinator, Head Coach & GM remembers how much of an impact he made now you take the off the fields troubles away plug LVE in with Jaylon Smith that’s a future Hall Of Fame combo for the next ten to twelve years plus in dallas to cheer the final pieces coming this year’s draft promise you

  5. Tommy Davis

    April 7, 2018 at 8:58 pm

    A player Dallas should avoid in the first round even though Dallas’s former scout has him ranked as the #2 wide receiver is D J Chark, The former LSU receiver catches everything with his arms and chest, he has bad hands and he will not succeed in the NFL. He’s a very good athlete with excellent speed, but bad hands and poor route running will hurt him at the next level.

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NFL Draft

Could Cowboys Take Another 2nd Round Risk On DT Jeffery Simmons?

Mauricio Rodriguez



Could Cowboys Take Another 2nd Round Risk On DT Jeffery Simmons?

The Dallas Cowboys have taken a few risks when on the clock in the second round of the NFL Draft in recent years. Randy Gregory and Jaylon Smith, both important starters on defense, were drafted to the Cowboys after they went down on many teams' draft boards. In 2019, they'll have the opportunity to take yet another risk. Recently, one of the best defensive tackles in this year's class, Jeffery Simmons, suffered a torn ACL while going through a drill during his workout in Florida.

Simmons took to Twitter to share the unfortunate news that will drastically affect his draft stock only a couple of months before the Draft.

Jeffery Simmons on Twitter

Jeffery Simmons on Twitter

Before the injury, Jeffery Simmons was seen as a top draft prospect. Some even envisioned him being drafted in the top 10. As a 21-year old defensive tackle from Mississippi State, Simmons had an impressive career during his time in college football. In three seasons he managed to rack up 157 tackles and seven sacks.

If one thing is clear it's that the Mississippi State product will be an impact player when he gets on the field on Sundays. His quick reaction on the get-off will still interest a lot of teams despite his injury. A sound defender on the running and passing game, he'll pay big dividends for whichever team decides to pull the trigger on him come April.

Due to their recent second round draft history, I can't help but wonder if the Dallas Cowboys will consider him when they're on the clock in the second round. This year though, there will be a big difference. Pick #58 will be the first time the Cowboys will be on the clock in this year's draft after trading away their first rounder for Amari Cooper last year.

It will be tough for them to wait until the third round to pick a player they could actually put on the field for the 2019 season. Specially considering the fact that they're a football team with title aspirations this year. Despite their history and the fact that Simmons will be one hell of a pro, I believe the team will not want to make such a pick in the second without a first round selection.

The team has a big need at DT, although Antwaun Woods and Maliek Collins were very serviceable in 2018. We'll see how tempted they are if Jeffery Simmons is still on the board when they're on the clock.

Tell me what you think about "Could Cowboys Take Another 2nd Round Risk On DT Jeffery Simmons?" in the comments below, or tweet me @MauNFL and let’s talk football! If you like football and are looking for a Dallas Cowboys show in Spanish, don’t miss my weekly Facebook Live! show, Primero Cowboys!

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Cowboys Draft: Film Notes on Maryland Safety Darnell Savage Jr.

John Williams



Cowboys Draft: Film Notes on Maryland Safety Darnell Savage Jr.

The Dallas Cowboys defense was one of the better units throughout the season, but it wasn't without its flaws. An area where they struggled was in creating turnovers and at times against the run. As good as they were in 2018, they have positions where they can use upgrades; defensive tackle and safety. Xavier Woods showed a lot of promise in his second season with the Dallas Cowboys and should continue to be a prominent player moving forward, but Jeff Heath's full-time role may have run its course. Today we're going to look at Darnell Savage Jr, safety from Maryland.

Per College Football Reference, Darnell Savage Jr. stands at 5-11 and weighs in right at 200 pounds. In his last three years at Maryland he played in 35 games. He averaged 56.67 tackles, 2.67 interceptions (3.5 per season over his last two seasons and four in his senior season), and three tackles for loss over his final three seasons. He had eight pass deflections as a junior and two more as a senior.

Savage could be a player that's in play for the Dallas Cowboys at number 58 of the second round.

I watched the Texas and Temple Games from 2018.

Darnell Savage Jr. Film Notes

  • Maryland lined him up in two-deep cover two looks a lot and dropped him into different coverages. From his two-deep alignment, he would move into cover-3, cover-4, and man coverages.
  • Temple or Texas looked to avoid him as part of their game plans. The one time the either Texas or Temple through his way, he came down from his 2-deep look into man coverage and jumped a five yard out route and intercepted the pass, taking it to the end zone for a touchdown.
  • He's excellent in diagnosing bubbles screens and swing passes. On several occasions he met the ball carrier five yards behind the line of scrimmage and dropped him for a loss.
  • Savage wraps up in the open field against. Once he diagnoses the play, he gets moving toward the ball in a flash.
  • Willing to take on bigger blockers and receivers with the ball in their hands. Stymied the 6-4 225 pound Lil' Jordan Humphrey from Texas on a bubble screen after Humphrey had broken one tackle. Savage wrapped him up and brought him to the ground.
  • Temple attempted to run a reverse after the hand off and Savage came all the way from across the field to meet the runner for a six yard loss.
  • Plays with excellent speed and aggressiveness when he sees the play. Sometimes Savage gets caught watching the action on his side of the field and doesn't recognize what is happening in the middle or opposite side of the field.
  • Several times on the read-option, it appeared that he didn't recognize that the QB had given the ball away. It could be that he was schemed to take the quarterback, but one time the runner went against the grain to Savage's side of the field and he was unable to get to him before he scored a short touchdown.
  • Maryland had Savage cover tight ends and wide receivers and again, Temple and Texas didn't throw his way much at all.
  • Again, in a two-deep safety look came up from 10 yards deep to make a play on a toss to the running back and tackled him for a four yard loss. It's dangerous to run things to the perimeter with this guy. If he gets to the line of scrimmage unblocked, he's bringing you down.
  • When blocked on runs to the perimeter, he does a good job of stringing the play to the outside. Savage works his blocker and doesn't give up on the play. He fights to get unblocked in order to make a play.
  • When a team runs play action or hands the ball off out of shotgun or pistol formations, Savage is slower to react and diagnose the play. He'll need to get quicker in processing what's happening there at the next level.
  • One of the more impressive plays I saw him make was on a trick play. Temple attempted to run a wide receiver pass to the outside. Everyone bought the wide receiver reverse and even Savage did too, but was able to use his quickness and speed to make up five yards of separation that the Temple receiver had on him to be in good coverage. The Temple receiver wasn't able to come down with the catch and Savage's coverage affected that.


Darnell Savage Jr. doesn't have a ton of height, but he's an explosive player who can play down in the box and in two deep looks for the Cowboys. He's a guy that would pair well with Xavier Woods as you could use those two interchangeably depending on the matchup you face week-to-week. He's an aggressive player who uses his speed to get into the play and cause disruption. Savage could be around for the Dallas Cowboys at 58 and if they don't sign one of the big name free agent safeties, should be the selection. If he isn't a day one starter, he'd be starting by the end of the season.

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Pre-Combine Position Rankings: Sorting Out The Tight Ends

Kevin Brady



Looking Ahead to 2019 NFL Mock Drafts a Theme Persists

It's pretty much universally agreed that the Dallas Cowboys have a need for a starting tight end, particularly one who can stretch the field as a receiving threat.

Despite not having a first round pick, this class should give the Cowboys an opportunity to add tight end talent to their roster through the NFL Draft.

Will that be TE1 talent, though? Or will it just be another replacement-level tight end on a roster which already seems full of them?

Let's get into my top 5 tight ends of this 2019 class, and see what they could potentially bring to the Cowboys this season and beyond.

1. TJ Hockenson, Iowa

The clear TE1 in this class is TJ Hockenson. The 2018 John Mackey Award winner earned his way to the top of this list with his versatility, lining up in-line and as a slot receiver for Iowa during his college career.

At 6'5" 243 pounds, Hockenson looks like he was made in a tight-end producing lab, and he has the athleticism and ability to maximize his build.

In the run game TJ Hockenson is a good blocker, showcasing excellent effort and competitiveness through his blocks. A technical route runner with good hands, a plus-catch radius, and legitimate yards-after-catch ability, Hockenson has a chance to be the very first offensive skill player off the board this Spring.

2. Noah Fant, Iowa

Hockenson's teammate at Iowa, Noah Fant, comes in at number two on my tight end rankings. While Hockenson is the more well-rounded of the two players, Fant certainly has more athletic upside. I expect him to test better than Hockenson will at the combine, and has the receiving skills to be a real threat at the next level.

Noah Fant fits the bill for a modern NFL tight end, flexing out wide and threatening defenses vertically with his receiving ability. A long player with good route running ability and speed, Fant is able to create separation against defensive backs in a variety of ways.

Fant is far from a one-trick pony, and would be an excellent addition to a Cowboys offense which is yearning for this type of flex-threat from the tight end position.

Unfortunately, he won't last anywhere near 58th overall.

3. Irv Smith Jr., Alabama

Cowboys Draft Target: Alabama TE Irv Smith Jr.

Can I interest you in a tight end who averaged 16.3 yards per catch and scored 7 touchdowns last season? If so, meet Alabama's Irv Smith Jr.

Smith is the number three tight end on my board entering the combine, and I really don't expect him to drop whatsoever in the coming months. Smith is an athletic player who runs good routes and offers excellent run blocking ability. He's not as refined as Hockenson nor as athletic/explosive as Fant, but he combines the in-line and flex abilities of the two to a certain extent.

Smith is the first somewhat-plausible target for the Cowboys on this list, though I'd still be surprised if he lasted until 58th overall.

4. Jace Sternberger, Texas A&M

Jace Sternberger came out of nowhere last season at Texas A&M. Relatively unknown before the 2018 season, Sternberger finished the year with 800+ yards and 10 touchdowns on 48 catches, and earned All-American honors for his production.

Now he has a chance to be a second round pick in the 2019 draft, and is finding himself mocked to the Cowboys by many major draft media outlets. Sternberger fits the prototype of the modern receiving tight end, with better speed and hands than most others in his class. Though he is still raw in many areas, his upside is intriguing, and there's no doubt he's a pretty good player as is.

Like the first three, it's hard to imagine I will move Sternbeger any lower than fourth in this class, and he is a legitimate option for the Cowboys 58th overall.

5. Isaac Nauta, Georgia

While the first four tight ends on this list will make their money with their passing game production, Georgia's Isaac Nauta looks like more of an old-school run blocker. Nauta is right up there with any tight end in this class in terms of blocking, and would be an immediate contributor to the Cowboys' run game in that area.

He's still growing in multiple areas as a receiver, however, such as his route running and yards-after-catch ability. Still, I think Nauta is much better as a receiver than his college production would suggest. He, like others in that talented Georgia offense, got lost in the shuffle a bit, and didn't get the number of targets he could have seen elsewhere.

There's a real possibility Nauta is available at 58 when the Cowboys pick, and I wouldn't be surprised if he were the pick either.

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