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2021 NFL Draft: Ranking Top 5 1st-round Targets for Dallas Cowboys

Who are the top 5 first-round targets for the Dallas Cowboys?

The 2021 NFL Draft is merely a month and a few measly days away (April 29-May 1). The big event of the offseason is almost here! Before we know it the Dallas Cowboys will be on the clock with the 10th overall pick in the first-round, but as of now there is no inkling of an idea as to who they could be targeting.

Today, I thought I would share with all of you who my Top 5 targets are for the Dallas Cowboys in the first-round if they do indeed select at their current slotted position. Keep in mind this is what I would personally do, not necessarily what I think the Cowboys would do. Because of that I’m sure there will be several of you who strongly disagree with my selections.

Let’s take a look, shall we!?

#5 – FS Trevon Moehrig, TCU

I know many of you will scoff at the idea of the Dallas Cowboys using the 10th overall pick on Free Safety Trevon Moehrig, but I’ll politely disagree. He’s a Top 15 player in this year’s draft class in my opinion and would be a perfect fit in Dan Quinn’s system as that single-high centerfield type of safety. I’d prefer to take him later in a trade down scenario, but if he ends up being one of the top rated players still on the board I wouldn’t hesitate writing his name down on the draft card.

#4 – OL Rashawn Slater, Northwestern

Unless Penei Sewell somehow slides to the Dallas Cowboys in the first-round I’m not a big fan of drafting another offensive lineman this early. But, a case can be made it’s an underrated need due to the shuffling and lack of depth Dallas had along the OL last year due to injuries. In that case, Rashawn Slater makes a lot of sense. He’s one of the few blue-chip players in this year’s draft class and can play all five positions. That kind of versatility and talent could be invaluable.

#3 – CB Patrick Surtain II, Alabama

For many the  Dallas Cowboys top target with the 10th overall pick in the first-round will be Cornerback Patrick Surtain II and for good reason. His technique and consistency on the outside during his time at Alabama has earned him that right, and yet, I think he could be a “what you see is what you get” prospect. That’s not a bad thing, however, I think he could get surpassed by other CBs in this draft class once in the NFL because they offer more upside down the road.

#2 – CB Jaycee Horn, South Carolina

Physicality, attitude, and versatility sets Jaycee Horn apart from other cornerbacks in the 2021 draft class, including Patrick Surtain II. Not only does he carry the NFL bloodlines, but he has the size/speed/length combo Dan Quinn likes in his outside CBs. I believe he would be a perfect fit and provide some much-needed physicality and attitude to the Dallas Cowboys secondary. He’s currently my CB1 this year and I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s Dallas’ as well.

#1 – TE Kyle Pitts, Florida

Unpopular opinion I know, but Kyle Pitts is my top target for the Dallas Cowboys with the 10th overall pick. He’s a generational type talent and a true mismatch player the Cowboys can use in a variety of ways. I fully understand the defense needs more help, but if he slides to the Cowboys in the first-round it’s a no-brainer for me. In fact, he helps the defense by helping Dallas’ offense become even more lethal which should increase the unit’s ability to score at will.

What do you think?

Brian Martin

Written by Brian Martin

Level C2/C3 quadriplegic. College graduate with a bachelors degree in sports and health sciences-concentration sports management. Sports enthusiast. Dallas Cowboys fanatic. Lover of life with a glass half-full point of view.


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  1. I have no argument with the players in your top 5. Any of them would be a nice addition to the Cowboys. My order of choice would be a little different though:
    #5 – FS Trevon Moehrig, TCU
    #4 – TE Kyle Pitts, Florida
    #3 – OL Rashawn Slater, Northwestern
    #2 – CB Jaycee Horn, South Carolina
    #1 – CB Patrick Surtain II, Alabama

  2. I know CB is seen as our biggest need but i would strongly consider FS Moehrig. I prefer a trade down scenario to get him, but would also consider him at #10. The defense Quinn wants to run, will rely heavily on that single high safety with great range and instincts to serve as a centerfielder.

    That said I doubt Jerry would take a safety that high. With news that Farley is having back surgery ( albeit minor) with his injury history I think that drops him out of the top ten. Which only leaves Surtain or Horn as possibilities. I’m not sold on either of them at #10. We can get a nearly comparable CB at #44.

    If Surtain is gone I would consider LB Parsons or maybe trade down to get Moehrig. If not maybe Horn or Barmore.

    • Gary, I’m really hoping the Cowboys sign Malik Hooker and that he can remain healthy and play like he did before injuries started to become a problem. But, I’m also all aboard the Trevon Moehrig hype train. Either or both would make me really happy.

  3. You just paid your Quarterback 160 million!! You better rebuild your Offensive Line !! It should be your top priority!!

    • Getting healthy is the key to the Cowboys OL. However, I’m sure they will look to add some more pieces to the unit at some point in the NFL Draft.

  4. I think in a few years an argument could be made that Moehrig will have been the best defensive player of this draft?

    • Anything’s possible I guess. He’s really going to have to outperform some talented players in this draft class, which might be difficult to do considering safeties don’t quite have as much impact as other positions in the NFL.

  5. Probably better get Pitts to prop that QB up so you can hide the collosal mistake of signing him to that stupid contract

    • Don I’m beginning to sense a theme from you. I don’t think you’re on board with the Cowboys locking up Dak Prescott are you? I guess only time will tell whether it was a mistake or not though.

  6. IMO Parsons should be right there with or right behind Pitts as far as top targets

    Also to support the reasoning behind Pitts , he posted a unofficial 4.46 40 time , dude can run , he can very easily become a WR if needed ,

    i do think that outside of the teams that are in desperate need of a QB , teams like Cincy who could get away with not getting Pitts and instead going O-Line , THERE’S NO REASON why you shouldn’t at least consider and should honestly take Pitts at your pick no matter how good you are at TE (unless you’re KC) The dude will be a hit pretty much anywhere he goes

    So yes i do think if he fell to us at 10 we should take him but probably unlikely that will happen

    • I was pretty high on Micah Parsons early on in the draft process, but for whatever reason have kind of moved on from him for the Cowboys. I wouldn’t mind if he is indeed who they draft with their first-round pick, but I think there are better players who should still be on the board they can select over him.

  7. Brian- Who would u take ahead of Parsons if Surtain and Pitts are gone? The only one I would consider would be Moehrig. Would like to have Horn or Barmore but #10 seems a bit high for them.

    Parsons checks several boxes for the cowboys. Terrific run defense, elite pass rusher and athletic enuf to make plays in space, which modern day LBs have to be able to do.

    • He was my CB3 before this recent surgery news. And yes, he’s probably going to slide a bit because of it.

  8. I still say go with the best defense player in the draft, M Parsons. Not sure making Neal a LB, as I heard they want to do, at 216 lbs, will work with 320 lb lineman getting to the second level. Not sold on both Smith (too many tackles well past LOS, etc) and LVE (injuries too early?).

    Need a game changer in the middle of our D that’s Parsons, as Gary b points out, he can do it all. Can get a good CB, Stokes or one of the Georgia two and safety, Hufanga, later.

    • I’m not saying I’m against the Cowboys drafting Micah Parsons in the first-round at all. I just think there will be better players still on the board that I’d prefer over him.

  9. I am all for taking Pitts. The offense would be incredible for years and like you said our TE both might be gone next year….
    Otherwise take Surtain … if they’re not available l would try to trade back and take Horn/Baramore/Moehrig

    • For me it’s Pitts, Horn, and Surtain for me at 10 for the Cowboys. I also like Moehrig, even at 10. One of those players should still be on the board, but I’d still pick up the phone and listen to any offers for my team wanting to trade up.

  10. The only knocks i can find in Parsons is he hasn’t played LB a ton and he has off the field issues , but other than that , he’s a really good player,

    I’d go with Horn or Moehrig in a trade down maybe , but not at 10 , and I wouldn’t go Slater , great O-Line prospect , but there’s a lot of O-line in draft available, not sure it’d be worth it for us that is to take O-Line at 10 ,

    Unless Pitts and or if somehow , someway , Sewell falls to us , i do think Parsons is best prospect for us in draft

  11. The Draft Network.

    LB M Parsons, Penn St, 6’2″ 245
    CB T Campbell, GA, 6’2″ 185
    SAF T Hufanga, USC, 6’1″ 215
    OT W Little, Stanford, 6’7″ 315
    DT J Twyman, Pitt, 6’2″ 290
    DE P Jones II, Pitt, 6’4″ 264
    DT B Brown III, TX A&M, 6’4″ 315
    DE S Toney, Penn St, 6’3″ 250
    SAF J Sherwood, Auburn, 6’2″ 220
    WR J Darren, N Texas, 5’9″ 170

  12. I’m surprised Farley is not on this list. I think that’s a big mistake as to what took place in this country is why everybody is down on him

    • Farley was my CB3 before the recent news he was having back surgery that will keep him from participating in his pro day. No doubt he is really talented, but I’m not using a Top 10 pick on a player with injury concerns.

  13. If pitts is still on board at ten you have to take him way too good I than would trade gallup and are 2 to trade back in to 1st round to grab horn or moehrig if pitts is gone it surtain or horn for me

  14. It would be a mistake to take Pitts in the 1st round, and it would be a mistake to draft Moehrig too!! After doing more research, Moehrig is better in a 2 high safety set!! And even though Pitts is a great TE, we have way more bigger needs, especially on defense!! And you people talking about drafting Hufanga are not too smart…. We need a safety that can play single high looks, and Hufanga is better in the box, and right now we have Wilson and we just signed Neal who plays in the box, so we don’t need another one!! We need to draft players at positions of need!! First round I’d pick Patrick Surtain or Jaycee Horn, 2nd round Richie Grant Javon Holland, 3rd round DT McNeil, or Andrea Cisco, if I can’t get Grant or Holland in the 2nd I would get LB Jabril Cox and get Cisco in the 3rd round and then get a DT with the other 3rd rounder, whichever one is best available!! And go from there!! But drafting players that won’t start from day one with our premium picks is the dumbest thing we can do!! Oh and drafting Micah Parsons would be stupid too!! All you people talk about cutting Jaylon Smith, but then you wanna go draft a player that’s just like him!! That’s stupid!! I’d pick JOK Nick Bolton and even Jabril Cox before I picked Micah Parsons!! Y’all need to do more research!!

  15. If you have a top 10 pick in the draft you should come away with a future pro bowl player regardless of position. Take the very best player available .

  16. Research Cowboys fan ? Bruh , he ran a 4.41 40 time , I’LL BET YOU EVERYTHING that J Smith can’t run no 4.41 lol , and last time i checked , he isn’t coming back from a serious injury ,

    You need to get your facts checked my dude, just cuz it isn’t something you would want the boys to get , doesn’t make it “Stupid” comeback when you actually got something that Parsons is comparable to J Smith , I’ll wait

  17. Enjoyed VAM’s draft, especially liked where we drafted Campbell, Little, Twyman and Sherwood. I just can’t get on board with Parsons at #10 due to positional value and the draft capital we placed in that position needs one more season to be evaluated. My pet cats of McNeil, NT, (instead of Hufanga) and Twyman, 3-T, are whom I hope the Cowboys leave this draft with on the team, assuming McNeil isn’t higher than #2 or Twyman #3 (I think he will rise given his sack production, explosiveness and is now over 300 lbs. at his pro day.

  18. Garrett is easier to read than McCarthy as he did play behind the Great Wall of Dallas and unsurprisingly tried to rebuild it day one. TE seems more like a hot take and isn’t synonymous with McCarthy…

    I know EVERYONE is high on secondary but have you seen the holes in the interior D-line Poe and McCoy left! Games are won and lost at the line of scrimmage.

  19. Problem is Knight , there isn’t a interior lineman worth taking at 10 , maybe lower if we traded down , and get Barmore , which i’m not opposed to doing , but at 10 , we can’t take one there , especially if Pitts somehow falls there or you got the best CBs there at 10 , or even if Parsons is there , i’d do that before selecting Barmore at 10 that is

  20. Farley getting back surgery seals the deal! Farley will be the pick at #10. Jerry loves surgical scars, especially if they’re worn by JAGs.

    Farley is far from a JAG but he’ll have to do!

  21. Moerig will only be drafted by the Cowboys if he falls to 44 and maybe not even then we already have plenty of Safety help with the free agent additions. Sewell won’t fall to 10, Patrick Surtain II is the best cab in the draft being taught by his dad a pro bowl cb. Jaycee Horns dad was a receiver. Slater is not on the same level as eith Dallas tackles Tyron Smith, La’el Collins, and Zack Martin is even a better tackle. I would take Sam Cosi or another project tackle. Kwity Paye of Michigan is a no Taco Charlotte turned me off from any Michigan prospects for awhile. Pitts would be a welcome addition Blake Jarwin should never have been signed to that deal he lacks talent. Micah Parsons would make a nice addition to LVE, and Jaylon Smith, Snake Lee please retire two years ago. I’m fine with Randy Gregory and Tank Lawrence as our edge sack masters. Here are my picks for Dallas in 2021. Rd #1 pick 10 Patrick Surtain II CB Alabama Rd#2 pick 44 Sam Cosi LT Texas or Liam Eichenberg, OT, Notre Dame Rd#3 pick#75 Baron Browning LB Ohio St. Rd#3 comp pick #99 Tommy Togiai DT Round 4 pick#115 Israel Mukuamu, CB, South Carolina Rd#4 pick 138 Jaylen Twyman, DT, Pittsburg Rd#5 pick #179 Malcolm Koonce, EDGE, Buffalo Rd#6 pick#179 Rodarius Williams, CB, Oklahoma State pick#192 Malcolm Koonce, EDGE, Buffalo Rd#6 pick#227 D’Angelo Amos, S, Virginia Rd#7 pick#238 Avery Williams, CB, Boise State

  22. Knight405 Your talking about holes left in the Interior DL yet I remind you McCoy and Poe didn’t leave they were released due to injury and playing like trash on Poe’s part. McCoy never made it past the first practice so those two that you mentioned didn’t leave gapping holes because they were never their positions in the first place Neville Gallimore and Trysten Hill were our DT’s rotating Crawford as well. Yes we need a good DT but I believe with drafting the #1 CB in the draft pairing him with his old teammate from Bama and with the additions of safeties who get interceptions and the increased pass rush from tank and possibly the first full year we have Randy Gregory opposite demarcus Lawrence will result in more pressure and better coverage equals more turnovers so we can control the tempo of the game and wear defenses out with zeke and pollard. I still expect Dak to have a huge year, if they draft pitts and I wouldn’t put that past Jerry Jones we should have a score at will offense as long as the OL holds up.

  23. VAM- You have us drafting one cb in your mock and I haven’t even heard of half these guys. One cb drafted doesn’t even put us at league minimum for cb’s on the roster. Take a look at my mock which hits every position of need and best player available at time of pick. My mock fills every hole on our roster.

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