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3 bold predictions for the Cowboys vs Lions

With the return of , lots of changes are in store for the as they take on the in week 7. Here are my for the upcoming game.

1 Defense Holds Lions Under 10

The Lions may have one of the best offenses in terms of points per game, but they haven't played a like this one. The Cowboys let up an average of 16 points per game which is one of the best in the .

The Lions are frauds, and while much hype has surrounded them over the beginning of the season, people will finally start to see that their win over the may be the only one they get this year.

The Cowboys' defense won't let the Lions take over this game. Do the Lions have any notable receivers? No, yet the Cowboys have Pro-Bowl skill at . Quarterback is not going to be able to find his receivers due to them being well-covered throughout the game.

2 Dak Prescott Goes Berserk

While I am still very pleased with how performed in his 5 starts this season, many fans can't wait to see Quarterback Dak Prescott play again. After a thumb that lasted a full five weeks, he's finally back and ready to play.

With all this hype, who's to say that Dak won't play to his full potential? Dak will throw over 300 yards and rack up 2-3 touchdowns. Dak may also throw a pick or fumble it once just due to him being off the field for so long, but I wouldn't be too surprised if he's ready to play this game.

3 KaVontae Turpin Returns a Kick For a Touchdown

It's finally the moment the country has been waiting for. Everyone knows is super fast and can get past any defender, but will he finally get his touchdown return? I believe this game will be where it'll happen.

Extra: Full Game Prediction

To start this game, the Cowboys will get the ball first and score on their first drive with the newly returned captain Dak Prescott. The Cowboys' defense will hold the Lions to under 120 yards in the first half and will not allow them to score. Dak and the will score again and end up getting a late field goal to make the score 17-0, Cowboys, to close out the first half.

Coming into the next half, the Lions will get the ball to start but turn it over fast. Another touchdown is on the board for the Cowboys. Later in the game, the Lions will end up scoring on a blown passing play to turn the score to 24-7.

After the Lions score, Turpin will have his moment to shine with a huge kick return that results in a touchdown. Near the end, the Cowboys will get another late-game field goal and the final score will be 34-7, the Cowboys coming away with the victory.

The Detroit Lions shouldn't have over 150 passing yards this game. Meanwhile, the Cowboys will gain 300+ yards off of Dak's passes. This game will be the perfect “Welcome Back” for Dak Prescott.

Tony Stahl
Tony Stahl
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